What projects have you not completed?

bruggirl100September 23, 2005

My city trash pickup has been changed, and now we have to pay to haul off curbside stuff. So I may be stuck with this stuff forever! Put it on freecycle, but no takers.

I have four pallets that I have yet to make into a compost bin, and they are rotting now.

A double porcelain sink was supposed to be a bog garden. Never done. Still sitting in my back yard.

Anyone else have "finds" that they just let sit around and never used?

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Oh, only a few hundred over the years, like the cool 1930's medical cabinet we curb shopped over 2 years ago, it's still sitting in pieces in the "workshop" (old travel trailer thats so full you can't hardly get inside) waiting to be stripped and primed and painted, or the 6 mosaic projects I've started and not finished yet. These will get finish one day soon, I hope. There have been so many others over the years, because we don't just curb shop, YS & TS shop, there was a time we ran an add for hauling, and cleaned basments, attics, ect. and got paid to take cool junk along with the trash. So it was easy to get a pile of projects planned, but with no time to get them all done.
Right now piled in the back yard is a dog house built for a dog who died over 4 years ago, that he never did need to use, it's had some tile stashed inside for a few years and other junk. I think it's starting to fall apart, I never did get it painted. On top of it are pieces of old ladders I use to have in flower beds, but I think they are to rotten to use again. I had DH bag up all the small bags of cans so I caould sell them and the pallet they were sitting on is rotten, but DH may have burned it today in the fire barrel, I forgot to ask when I got home, but the cardboard pile in the kitchen was gone, so hopefuly the pallet is too. I have two large metal farm animal/horse water tubs I found on the side of the road last year, they are just sitting on their side, waiting, but DH put wood for the fire barrel in one and bags of mulch were in one until I used them all up. These things are deep and have leaks, the plan was to grow potatoes in them in hay, but I scaled back the garden and didn't grow potatoes this year. So, as you can guess, my list is endless! LOL
My compost bin did get done several years ago, it is made of 5 pallets in the shape of the letter E (turn it around) and you have two "stalls" to mix stuff back and forth. Perfect compost bin!!PJ

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You mean like the coffee table in the shed that I was gonna cover the top of it with a look alike "Police Line Do Not Cross" sign? Yep, it's still there!

You mean the wood piece that's supposed to be covered with colored glass or mosaiced? Yep, it's still there, too!

You mean the.....

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Do you mean like the bowling ball I started covering with half marbles and never finished? Or the table I am working on at a friend's house...going to put marbles on top of that one too. I have two buildings full of "finds". I still love each and every one of them and all I have to do is look in there to see all that junk that I love so much and know exactly what I had in mind when I dragged it home. I may never use it, but it has a loving home for at least as long as I live. (I don't even want to tell you how many sinks I have....in fact, I don't even know. Just off the to of my head...I can think of 7 of them. I'm sure there are more.
I want to put one on the dock for cleaning fish and shrimp...but we tore the dock down and haven't rebuilt it yet. Want to put one in my kitchen, one in my mud room...also not built. One outside in a potting bench, and one in the bathroom. Still have some others that I need to think of a place to put them. Oh, and that isn't counting the stainless steel sinks I have...except for the small round one that came off of a boat. It will probably go back on one of our boats.)

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Well, I don't feel so bad now. I also have a table I picked up roadside that actually was a nice solid wood table, but it's been outside so long, I don't think I could salvage it. I may try, though, because it would be great for putting plants on.

I started sticking old, rusty garden tools around the garden as "art" because I couldn't bear to part with them. LOL

It's a sickness, I swear, this inability to follow through with anything.

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Though I haven't noticed, I think that my toes are feeling better, as they're "able to be out".

Have a number of socks that need darning.

Some that my family claim are past repair, as it would take almost as much yarn to darn as to knit new.

ole joyful

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A dresser sitting in the shed waiting to be stripped and refinishes,a desk in a guestroom waiting the same fate.A box of cranberry red glass items also waiting to be made into a totem...the list goes on and on...

Eliza Ann

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