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oceannaAugust 27, 2012

I have done two new gallery updates for you. One is the Foyer and Hallway Eye Candy thread. This thread contains lots of entry ways and under-stair nooks, lots of halls, and many vignettes of small tables with paintings, knickknacks, lamps, etc. Here is a live link:

"Foyer and Hallway Eye Candy!"

The other thread I added a couple of post to is the staircase thread. That one has lots of just plain staircase ideas, plus a few under staircase ideas, and lots of ways to trim stairway walls and landings. Here's a live link for you:

"Staircase Eye Candy Blowout!"

Just a reminder, since decorating is such a visual art you can find hundreds and hundreds of photos in our Gallery. You can always find a live link to the Gallery at the bottom of every page, and also at the top right of the list of topics/questions. Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee or wine, or tea or your favorite green smoothie, and kick back and enjoy.

My personal favorites are the color threads (reds, blues, etc) and the room threads (bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.) plus the "Show Me your Cottage Decor" thread, always a big favorite for decorating from log cabins to shabby chic, to beach house, to high society antiques -- a bit of everything and lots of flowers and femininity and white.

Remember, you can use the search engine in our gallery to find any of those threads. Look toward the bottom of the page.

More to come...


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Elraes Miller

Oceana, I was thinking of you and wondering where you were. So much work for our galleries. Thank you.

If they can do a sticky on the kitchen forum, I think you should have yours too. Perhaps a call out to our board monitor is due.

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Technicolor, thanks! I would LOVE that! I didn't realize it could be done. Those posts are always getting knocked back and often it's Emagineer who bumps them. But every bump is one more post and when they have reached their limit I fear they will disappear forever. One -- the ceilings one -- already did and I never figured out why.

How does one shout out to a board monitor, does anyone here know?

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Elraes Miller

The link about there sticky is below. I'm not sure who got it done. Perhaps email one or two of the posters who mentioned getting it done. Shhh....I am emagineer, but decided my age deserved a new direction/name.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sticky shout out

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Great sticky there, I agree. But it's one. And it's in the discussions site. And it's directions on how to use the site (I admit I'd love ANY sticky that could stop people from posting questions in the Gallery.) Gotta' tell you 'sales' even of an idea, is not my best skill (that's an understatement). Not sure Tamara would go for a whole page of stickies, because that's what it would take almost, and probably over a page if you add in the color threads, as some will want to do. What do y'all think?

Great new name but I loved your old name too. Hope I can remember this is you. :-)

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Elraes Miller

Wish there was a way they could delete the OT in Galleries. Perhaps if we got a thread going asking for support on the Gallery side. I'm like you though, not the sales person...can't even start a thread.

I do see more than a page if done. But think many more would use it and find the value of them if they stayed at top. I have many rooms remembered that I still go back to and look to see what I've missed.

We need a group to support this. Are their any other forums with galleries? Wonder how they manage.

Off on a tangent....what if there was a sticky in discussions that explained the gallery and what was there, what to post.

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Maybe the answer is for us to get a sticky over there that says "Please read before you post here" and lets people know that questions go over here and huge photo collections go over there? Seems that couldn't hurt because "lost" people are always kicking the best threads to page 2, 3, 4, etc. Not only that but there is repetition on the color threads. It would be great to see just a few really right on the mark color threads stay on page one too. JMO.

I haven't seen any other boards with serious galleries -- but maybe the kitchen board has one? Not sure. Others need to chime in here. Maybe we should start a new thread about this and ask people for ideas and see if they would at least join us in asking -- is it Tamara? -- to put a sticky in the gallery attempting to protect it better??

I do like your ideas!

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Elraes Miller

The kitchens gallery has finished kitchens posted by members. You have to go to each thread. They aren't identified as to decor. Not quite the same as being able to scroll through your inspiring photos.

A sticky at the top of our main forum may be the ticket. I noticed after the fact that I personally bumped down your thread about the new galleries. Stupid on my part as they are heading to the second page now.

The bed on the porch is totally impractical, but must say something about me. The bed could never stay that way under pine trees and other fauna. I have a small porch like that one on the front of my shed which also completely wood shingled and has french doors. Probably why the photo caught my eye. Now I want to extend the porch which is an easy do. See what you get me into!

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