Positive Mothers Day

mom_of_4May 7, 2010

With the not so happy mother's day threads right now I thought I would post my happy mother's day.

The kids are supposed to be with BM this weekend so the kids and DH got together and decided that yestureday should be my mother's day. I got a football jersey from the kids and DH. I was super excited. We are big football junkies here and everyone had a jersey except me. So, that was nice. All of the kids made me these really amazing cards full of color and stickers :-) My younger ss wrote a really touching message that almost brought a tear. He wrote I am so happy you are in my life and I know that I can trust that you will always be there for me no matter what.

It was sweet.

Happy mothers day to all the moms and smoms here and I hope yours is as lovely !!!

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Okay...now that is just the coolest thing I've heard in a long time! What a fantastic thing for them to do for you!!!!

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how wonderful!!!!

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mom of 4,

That is very nice. It sounds like a lot of fun, thoroughly enjoy yourself and your family.

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What a wonderful day, very happy for you!
Do you mind me asking if DH has always done this or if SK'd came to him wanting to do this?

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no, this was all their idea. apparently my older ss also asked DH if he could borrow 20 bucks so he could buy me a dress. why a dress, I have no idea. but it was sweet

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