Saw for zinc

bev2009May 3, 2012

Just wondered if I could get a little advice from the experts! I have done a few pieces of stained glass at a shop several years ago. Now I am putting together an area in the basement to work myself and need to buy a saw to cut zinc. I want to get by as cheaply as possible. What type of saw should I buy and where is the best place to get it?

Thanks for your help1

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I Googled "Saw for Zinc" and the first site that came up was this one. Betcha there are lots you could find on Google. Hope this one helps too.
Saw for Zinc helps

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I bought a really cheap one at Harbor Freight. It's the 2" Bench Top Cut-Off Saw. It's under $30 and of course, it's cheaply made. Several of us bought it and I'm sure it won't last too long, but a friend whose had a couple of them says that as long as you let the blade spin up to speed before cutting it will last plenty long enough to justify the price.

I hope so!!! That manual mitre saw is AWFUL!

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