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adellabedella_usaSeptember 20, 2008

I found another site with a lot of neat art and other things made from recycled materials. Some of the sites have instructions. Others appear to be selling items. There are quite a few unusual ideas like making sandals from tires or a chair from plastic pop bottles. You may need to find an on-line translater to translate the languages.

Tire Sandals:

Pop Bottle Chair:

Here is a link that might be useful: Make Art Not Trash

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This brings back memories. I visited the Bottle House many yrs ago when Grandma was still living there. It was really an interesting place. How she came up with some of her ideas ,too.Seems like we asked about green bottles & she said someone kept throwing them away & she just kept building that section until the bottles stopped. I can't remember anymore but we all went away thinking what a remarkable woman she was.Sure some unusal items. Bathtub chair looks bit like torture chamber!!LOL Glad to see they are still keeping the bottle house there tho don't know if you can visit anymore. Jan (At 1 point they wanted to tear it down)

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very cool! Thanks! I am keeping that link!

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I saved it too, thanks.
Too bad the Heiniken bottle that could be used as bricks was never marketed. What a great idea. Wish some other company would pick up the idea.

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