Just got some windows!

lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PASeptember 15, 2011

I'm so thrilled. My BIL just dropped these windows off for me! Said he's got some more for me that are a little smaller that he'll be removing another day. He works in older homes remodeling, so I get some nice treasures from him every so often. :)

These windows he brought me years ago. We had a long wall in our hallway, so we put them in there. We get so many compliments on them. It added some character to our drab hallway, that's for sure! Would you believe there were stacks and stacks of them and the garbage truck was there loading them to take them away!!!! My BIL managed to snatch up 8 of them.

I also made a vanity out of one:

I've seen a lot of projects with old windows. What would you do with the new ones I got??


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I don't know but I sure like what you did with the old ones. Do you have a potting bench? Check out the Garden Junk Forum & look at some of things they have done. Greenhouses, potting benches & raisable cold spell protectors for the garden raised beds is all I can think of right off. You could go there & search for old windows projects. Jan

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Thanks, Jan. :) There's actually a seventh window beyond the six that are pictured. I just don't have it in there. That wall breaks with a big doorway that enters my living room, and to the opposite side of that we put one window there just for continuity. Our front door is right there too, so when you come in, you see the first window, then the rest. It ended up looking fantastic. Then hubby put wired candle lights there on a dimmer switch for me. It's my favorite thing in the whole house.

We're working on another window project down in our bar area. It's not done yet. We got that window out of a house up the street from a neighbor. It's a big picture window. Can't wait until it's done so I can share that one.

I'll have to go do some more searches. I love the potting bench idea. I got this table out of my neighbor's trash that would be perfect if I attached a window to it. But it's wood, so I'd need to paint it good to protect it, or put some type of sealer on it because I have no way to keep it protected. All I have is a patio; no porch or overhang.

I have a whole mess of windows from my other neighbor's house that I plan on using to make a greenhouse someday, but these windows we put in the hallway have the wavy glass and lead caming in them. These new windows we got have the wavy glass, so that's why I enjoy doing inside things with those. :) And I love the narrowness of these new ones. Reminds me of French doors in a way.

Well, it's a good thing I have lots of nice neighbors willing to give me all their windows and a BIL that keeps collecitng them for me. Pretty soon I'll run out of projects to use them in! Nah.......

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Confession time. During my remodeling career, I have pitched several hundreds of those window sashes. I didn't have the time back then to do home projects, so they were sent to the landfill.

Today, if I had that sash on the left (one with larger muntin bars), I would remove the glass panes and all hardware, make wood repairs, sand prime and paint (0r stain). Then I would replace the panes with mirror tiles and use it as a horizontal wall mirror.

The sash on the right would be stripped of muntin bars and glass and become a floor mirror.

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I forgot my DIL was going to use a window & leave it kind of shabby chic & put different antique ladies handkerchiefs & bits of lace & maybe buttons behind each section for a wall hanging. I love the wavy glass, that would make the windows even more beautiful! Glad you have great neighbors too!

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Brushworks, both of those ideas are great! There have been many things I've passed on because of no time to do them, so don't feel bad. I've started several projects that need finished. Never enough time in the day for everything we want to do. :) Oh, and both of those windows are the same. My BIL laid them in my yard like that when he dropped them off.

Sunnyca, I've seen so many windows done the way you described and adore them. I have to get more creative! I always do simple projects because I just don't have the creative pizazz like some do! The more I do the better I'll get at it....I hope! Oh, and yes, love the neighbors. Only have one on the whole street that's cranky, but I don't let them get me down.

Thanks for the ideas. I love hearing them all.


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I absolutely LUV what you did with the windows in the hallway! I really like old windows but I have this DH who sees junk rather than art.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Ahhhh, another DH that sees junk rather than art! I'm glad I'm not alone. We took my daughter to college and there was a nice dresser with drawers (tongue and groove) sitting across from her apartment. I told him I wanted the drawers, and he said absolutely not. I was soooooooo mad! It just about killed me driving home that day without them. :( So I told him, I guess I'll just have to go BUY some now and spend your hard-earned money. I got no response, juat a smirk. Gotta love them sometimes. LOL Hang in there, though. Just keep bringing home that junk and make it into a treasure and maybe he'll come around. That's what I keep doing. I'm slowly transforming him.

We saw somethig similar to our window project a long time ago on HGTV, so that's where we got the idea. And which is also why hubby was okay with it. :) He has to see it done first. He can't envision anything.

I was thinking of staining the wood on my vanity and windows, but I left them both natural once stripped. However, I think I am going to stain the vanity to match my oak furniture. :)

Glad you liked our project.

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What you have done before is beautiful!
These look like the muntins stick out quite far. One would make a cool multi compartment shadow box.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

You're right, Kathy. They do stick out pretty far, so that's a great idea. I'm thinking of making a sofa table out of one and I could put family pictures and other things in each square maybe. I have some neat postcards, old papers, a small certificate of my gram's from college......it'll look really good with all the old black and white photos I have of family members. I'll have to get a piece of glass cut for it like I did my vanity table above, or I wonder if I could use the two windows together hinged. But that would be one heavy table and in need of some industrial strength table legs! :) My vanity has these very narrow ones, and it's not the sturdiest, but it's fine for what I use it for.

Great idea on making the shadow box out of it. I'm loving that idea!!!!


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I love things with old windows. I decopodged material on some. I can't paint. I deco an american flag to one. It was a nylon flag so it took several coats but I liked the look...Go to Junk Revolution and you can find severral ideals. Go to search and type in old windows.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Don't feel bad, leveta. I can't paint either. I can decopauge, though! I wish I could paint because I have seen some really beautiful things done. I see a lot of stenciling on them, too, which I love. I'd like to do a small window for in my kitchen that has stenciled "coffee" and whatever else along with it. Maybe "5 cents a cup."

Heck, was coffee ever 5 cents a cup??? LOL

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