nicucollSeptember 29, 2004

Does anyone have pictures or instructions on how to make the simple wooden benches...I want my hubby to make me one for me front porch...not sure how to distress it thou...any help out there....thanks....

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Have you looked for the benches made out of headboards and footboards? On the Garden Junk forum at GW (sister site to this one) they have lots of examples and suggestions. Headboards and footboards are usually easy to find if you go to yard sales or estate sales and even check family memeber's basements.

Here are the basic steps....

You can make benches out of almost anything. Like if you can find an old door, you could lay it on something and you've got a bench! I took cinder blocks and 4X4's from the junk pile and made a bench for in the garden. It was simple and FREE!

Good luck!

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hi, although I can,t post pics yet,I have made about 15 nice benches from recycled wood and started out a complete dummy , there is a huge amount of free plans on the www. do a search for free plans get specific, bench plans I can say that think four posts and 15degree slant for the back and a seat and its a bench . also there are lots of pics of benches to study .start looking and use deck screws and good paint or sealer have fun Rick

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