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michele_in_ATLJuly 10, 2002

Hi fellow veggies;

I would be interested in hearing what your diets/meals consist of, and how you balance out your nutrition. I have been a veggie for 10+ years, but most of that time I didn't eat right (not enough protein, iron, vit. D, etc). As long as it wasn't meat, I ate it (mostly pasta), not paying attention to nutritional value. After bouts with anemia and lack of energy, I did my research and shaped up my diet adding legumes, nuts, seeds, more variety of beans, and more fruits. I still eat lots of leafy greens and spinach, and have recently added tofu to my diet, after finding many tasty recipes on this forum:)

Do you actually mentally "weigh" out your nutrition/vitamin intake daily as you plan out your meals to make sure you are getting all the supplements you need? Also, how many of you take vitamin supplements to help with what you may be missing? I take a multi, a B-Complex, and a Bioflavonoid complex (citrus fruits) daily.

Thanks for your input. I am sure I can learn a thing or two from you all.

Thanks, and cheers!


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I don't deliberately plan my meals that way. I tend to put things together that seem to go together(beans & rice for example) I eat a lot of ethnic cuisine and it seems to be figured out for me. Been a veggie for 26 years and am very healthy.
The only supplement that I take is E.
I don't buy into the lack of protein thing that people worry about with a veggie diet. Think we eat way more protein than we need anyway.

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