wedding dress?

beckersterSeptember 17, 2005

ok, i have a wedding dress. it's quite huge, as most wedding dresses are. i really dont want to just clean and store it, cuz then it's just taking up space. i'm not against cutting it up and doing something with it, since i did only get it for 89 bucks at a salvation army. i would love some suggestions of what i could make it into or doing with it. i was thinking of cutting off the bodice and wearing it as a shirt, but i dunno, it's a little too "nice" for my everyday wear. i dont really wear a lot of white so i'm not all into making it into another peice of clothing. i have a basic sewing ability, but my mom is really good so i could have her help me...any suggestions would be most welcome, and i'm sure i could make use of a couple suggestions since there is so much fabric to use!

here's a pic so you can get an idea of the shape and fabric and all that stuff......

thowing my bouquet...heh
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Wow - good deal at the thrift store.

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It looks good on you! How about asking Mom to take off the top and finish what needs finishing on the top and wearing it with a black velvet skirt for New Year's Eve? Well, if you are going to a party, that is. You might have it cleaned before storing it so stains won't set and shock you on December 31st.

Maybe do the reverse of next New Year's Eve and buy a red velvet top to wear with the long white skirt your Mom makes out of the bottom. The long white skirt might be nice to have for Christmas parties, too.

The nice slippery material might be fun to have for pillows in a little girl's room. You could have someone quilt a white on white design on the top of the pillow before you get it sewn into a pillow. And you should save a big chunk to make a big skirt for your someday daughter to play dress-up in.


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well first good deal my suit came from a sally , hand made,
brushed silk , cost 25 $ to get it fitted looked oh so good . was told at the time in another city it would have sold well used for 100,s .
I was in volved in the project where my wifes dress and my suit were turned into a quilt.
you have got some good ideas so far .
start putting the material into blocks, to be used for the inside if the quilt with thicker than normal batting , like a puffy quilt , saw one where the material was sewn into a lg quilted heart then used for the quilt.
the quilt could be used for anniverseries and b days and holidays.
also save enough material for d.d an easter dress or skirt,
a skirt with elastic will last several yrs.
but hey I have a quilt from old t shirt blocks all sewn to gether. so this is a better possibility .
also hand bags are easy to make , use the beads and less than a yd. and have nice bag. but use it Rick

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I have been commissioned in the past to make christening gowns from mom's wedding gowns.

I did a Pay it Forward type thing on the wedding forum with an unused Cinderella style wedding gown. The girl paid the shipping charges and sent me beautiful pictures of her wearing it.

I lke the puffy quilt idea, too.

If you have a daughter, it would be wonderful in her dress-up closet.

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I've heard of people making quilts out of the material. Not sure of the details but it would be pretty!

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Great ideas here! Love removing the top from the skirt and wearing the top for New Year's Eve or X-mas. The skirt has tons of fabric and would make lovely pillows. A quilt would be beautiful, and you could pass it down to your children some day.


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Hi, great score at the thrift store and you look amazing! My mom made her dress, and didn't want to store it afterwards, so she cut it up and made an exact replica for her Dianna Durban (whoever that was) doll. You could do that -- or your mom could, so you'd have a rememberance, and then cut it into a christening gown for your first child unless that's already come and gone....if you have a daughter dress up princess clothes are great!! or the satin would make a great backing for a champagne velvet quilt.

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I saw a budget decorating mag recently where two women made a skirt for a round table from the skirt of a vintage prom dress. So if you did use the top separately, that could be something to do with the skirt. That would be some table!

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I have seen people make Victorian Christmas tree skirts
with old wedding gowns. It looked as though they just
used the bottom half.And added fringe to dress it up a
little more. The dress is really nice and you
got a good buy.
Laney bug

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Does any one have any patterns or pictures of a quilt made from a wedding dress. I am looking for some kind of instructions to make a quilt out of a friends wedding dress. If you can help me out please contact me

Here is a link that might be useful: The Home Site

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I just googled this and got kinda lost. Rick
a lot of imfo

Here is a link that might be useful: google wedding dress quilts

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Great dress and incredible deal! Nowadays, you could wear the top portion as a blouse with a cute pair of jeans and boots or heeled sandals. It's very "in" to dress up with denim. I also love the Christmas tree skirt idea. You could also look (on ebay or at a vintage store) for an antique vanity and use the bottom to skirt it. This would work with a more modern desk too, if you put a mirror on top. If you don't sew, you could even velcro the skirt to the desk edge. Hmmmm. I should do that with my wedding dress! My girls are going to be way taller than I am.

Let us know what you decide.


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I made my dress, and still have it after 50 years (Aug 11 1956) I am too sentimental to cut it up. I wanted to hang it at the Party we had but there was not a single place that I could put it!

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I'm located in Belgium and in search of a simple nice wedding dress.
Overhere we don't find thriftstores...
Don't cut up tyhis nice dress.. why don't you sell it again?

I might be interested...


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Well, I don't know if it would do for YOUR wedding dress since the skirt's so perfect for altering to wear otherwise, but one of the best ideas I ever heard was using the big skirt from a wedding dress to cover a bassinet. Woudln't that be beautiful?

I didn't read all the replys yet, but has anyone suggested that the white satin would probably dye really well? Can't you just imagine the beautiful colors it could be?

Oh! Oh! And one other idea. I saw an article one time with pictures of a little girl from the time she was one year old with pictures of her on each of her birthdays in her mom's dress. Quite fun! I loved it!

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If there's enough material, this might be possible. For a daughter (presuming you have a daughter and not a son ~lol) first have made a baptism dress, then a confirmation/first communion dress, then for a wedding either a garter, or slip, or ring could sort of be a keepsake that keeps on giving.

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wedding dresses, prom dresses etc. make great bed skirts. i have a blue silk on my bed made from a prom dress.

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Just put it on and go pay your utility bills and do your grocery shopping, lol. If your kids get in trouble at school, go visit the teacher wearing it (during class, of course!). Wear it while gardening in your front yard. If you're dating someone you need to break up with, show up to your next date wearing it.

The skirt has to go. Removing the beads from the top and replacing them with your favorite color beads, baubles, buttons, little flowers or whatever you can think of might take some of the 'wedding' look from it. Making a skirt from your favorite color fabric to go with it would make it more wearable for parties, etc. It might go nicely with pants or even jeans. It's very pretty and fits you nicely.

If I had it, I'd cut it up and make all sorts of small stuff, homemade flowers, purses, pillows, pillow cases, dolls, etc. If the skirt fabric passes the wash test and it's comfortable to wear, a nightie or pajama pants would be nice. Have fun with it and don't forget to post photos, Linda

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I hardly think she's dating someone and needs to break up, the girl GOT MARRIED! However, it would be hilarious to lend it to a friend that wanted to break up. Too funny about wearing it grocery shopping and the like.

I just threw mine out after 27 years in the closet (not as nice as this one). It cost me $27 back then brand new, it was a pink prom dress. I was married on Valentines Day.

However my mom made an off-white satin dress when I escorted a relative down the aisle at her 50th Jubilee (anniversary of being an nun, actually Mother Superior). Her wedding dress was white satin but discolored into a lovely off-white. I'll never forget the day, I was about 10 years old and felt very important!

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I would cut the material up out of the dress and save it for a baptism gown or suit if you hav children. Just a part of the whole marriage, beginning of the family thing. Save another piece to make a wedding garter for any daughters you might have! Or you could use some of it to make a ring bearer's pillow for a son't wedding.
And you could line a jewelry box with it for yourself or a daughter..or make ornate pillows.
Or you could save it for a dress-up trunk for any daughters you might have. I used an old truck and fixed it and filled with it FUN and outrageous outfits for my daughters and their friends to play with. It has always been a great memory for them..and for their friends.
Even satin headbands with the stones on them would be great.
There are sooooo many things that you could make.......lucky you to think about using it!!

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I took my wedding dress apart and made dresses for 3 angel christmas tree toppers. One to use now and 2 to put away for my sons when they get married.

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My mom made my sons christening gown out of mine. It makes for a nice keepsake.

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I also don't like the huge dresses,it is very difficult to clean and store it properly my freind give me suggestion to purchase a wedding dress from flowergirl dress store, when i went there, there is a lots of varieties and they have a many new varieties in wedding dresses,after that day i feel so happy that i got such a new varieties of wedding dresses,

i also refer you to go,they also give us advices about the modern trends of wedding dresses. and wedding parties.

take care.

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I've never used a wedding dress, but i've used 'fancy' dresses to make pillows, usually the all beaded dresses. I've looked at beaded pillows, that cost $100 or more, and for the cost of the dress, I can make several~~i've also used lace blouses as well as sweaters. You could also do a patchwork lampshade, cutting different sizes of 'patches' and adhering them(use spray adhesive)to an old lampshade. You might want to try doing a tea stain on a small piece of fabric if you don't want white. ;o)

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I like the quilt idea and the top idea to wear with a skirt. You could make a beautiful angel or star for the top of your Christmas tree. What about a christning gown for children that you will have. A bonnet, something to pass down. I would throw a scrap away. Good luck.

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My sister-in-law sews, and she used my wedding gown to make a baptismal gown and cap for my son.

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our daughter was baptized catholic later,when she was 13 and i had a cute infant style gown made for her from my wedding had boufant shoulders and lace and bows on the front and one big bow at the waist in back.the gown was knee length and i did a crinoline under it to make it poofy.i also had a bonnet made for her with the remaining material that matched her gown.she wore lace anklets and white make her even cuter,i got a pair white rubber pants off a website in teen size and had ruffles sewn across the back of them.they looked adorable on her under the dress and she was so precious and innocent in her outfit on her baptism day.when she made her first communion at 14,i did the ruffled rubber pants under her communion dress,

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Lindasewandsew... too funny! I rarely laugh out loud at the computer but this one made me crack up. When you suggested wearing it to school, all I could think of is that payback is a ______. My kids are adults now but they pulled some "stuff" in their days, this would have totally humilated them - non violent punishment - I like it. Thanks for the laugh!

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I make all kinds of things out of wedding dresses.
refashion them for a childs wedding dress later, doll dresses, bear quilts, christening qowns, Christmas tree skirts, ornaments pillows,
even just cut a pretty portion and framing it is popular...

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I wish I had had mine made up for my kids' Baptisms. I should start now so I have one for grandchildren!! Years ago a friend was given a quilt/pillow combo as a newborn gift. White stain, beautiful. Too bad blankest for baby are OUT these days. If a dress is big enough I suppose one could even get a First Eucharist dress out of the skirt....

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