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JuliannJuly 2, 2001

I got a recipe off the money saving forum for Chili that sounds really good. The problem is it calls for 1 can of Kidney Beans and 2 cans of Chili beans, well I can not find anything in the grocery store called chili beans and the person I asked had never heard of them before. so what are they??? The only thing I could think of would be maybe the original beans in tomato sauce, but I want to make sure what I use is the right one.

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Canned chili beans are usually found in the same section as the kidney beans. They are small, round red beans in a chili sauce. I'm surprised that you are having trouble finding them. Most grocery stores that I know of keep them in stock. Some stores only carry one brand which makes them harder to spot on full shelves.

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We have chili beans in Texas. Brookshires has their own store brand that costs less than .50 per can. I've used all the cans I had in my pantry, but I know chili powder and tomato sauce are in the ingredients.


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