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KristinJuly 14, 2001

a friend brought some deli treats from chicago and one of them was grape tomatoes with fresh mozzarella cheese......it was awesome! i would like to try and duplicate it, it had a marinade or sauce on it-maybe olive oil and something? maybe balsamic vinegar? i am not sure - so i was wondering if anyone has a similar recipe or any advice. i can't believe how wonderful fresh mozzarella is!! thanks in advance. kristin

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A recipe I've used is similiar, and very good. The ingredients are tomato slices, fresh mozzarella cheese (shaved or sliced), and red onion slices. Lay down a slice of tomato, top with a slice of red onion, and top that with a slice or portion of the cheese. Repeat. Keep laying ingredients until you have your serving. The result will be fanned. Drizzle the works with a vinagrette dressing. I like to use a wine vinegar with oil (50/50) with a little sweetener added. Ceasar dressing is a great choice too.

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Drizzle with high quality olive oil. Lightly splash with balsamic vinegar. Top with shredded fresh basil, accent with good olives. Besides fresh mozz, try a wonderful feta or goat cheese. Leftovers served over greens makes a nice salad.

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