LOOKING for: Vegan Margarine......again(sorry)

SabineJuly 21, 2001


recently I posted a message about a recipe for vegan margarine. Someone told me Fleishmann's unsalted was vegan. After looking at the ingredients I was wondering about the vitamin D3 in it. Isn't that an animal ingredient, or am I mistaken? Can someone please give me any info on this? Thanks!

Sabine :)

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I think all major commercial margarines use solvents in expelling oils. I suggest either Earth Balance margarine, or Spectrum's new unhydrogenated organic margarine. Both are very butter-like, neither is hydrogenated nor GMO. Willow Run is another. The "margarine page" lists a number including Fleischman's as being all vegetable. http://www.skyisland.com/OnlineResources/cookbook/milkfree/margarine.html I hope this is helpful and not confusing.

Here is a link that might be useful: The margarine page.

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