Need crackle paint formula

teacupgardenSeptember 3, 2004

I know I've read it here, but do you think I can find it now that I need it, no of course not. Need recipe for crackle paint application. Sue/Teacupgarden

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I just put on a coat of Elmers and a coat of paint while it's still wet and sit back and watch the fun.

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You can use water down hide glue, paint it over latex paint, let dry till tacky then paint with your second color (top coat). Use single strokes with the direction you want to go, do not try to touch up the paint with more strokes, it will mess up the crackle effect.
Hope this helps

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I have never used hide glue and i have an old table i want to crackle the top on.

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Elmer's wood glue worked best for me just water it down a touch!!
Don't forget to post the finished project :-)

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A lady who does the faux finish classes at our local Sherwin Williams swears by wallpaper paste for a crackle medium. Put on between your paint colors, she claims it works better than the special "crackle" products.

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Lowe's also sells crackle medium. Betty

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