Cleaning wrought iron

carla17September 23, 2007

I inherited a garden bench of wrought iron. What is the best way to clean rust? I have a garden structure that rusted right through the paint. I thought of a wire brush or steel wool. I wonder if sand blasting is required. Any helpful hints would be great.

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I cleaned my wrought iron railings with a wire brush . It was a long and tedious job ... but they looked really nice after they were painted.

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I used naval jelly to clean an old iron bedstead of rust. It eats the rust, but doesn't hurt the iron.

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Cleaning them is just half the job. If it's not primed with a good rust inhibator andthen painted you will be back to square one within a year or two.
I swear by the Rustoleum products as long as you follow the direction on the can.
If it's really intricate work or a really large surface sandblasting is your best bet. If not wire brushing works great.

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