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hamiltongardenerJune 9, 2007

Hi everyone,

I tasted something wonderful once at a food and wine festival and looking to see if anyone knows a recipe. It was a simple lentil dish flavoured with peaches. It's not a soup, and didn't have any rice in it (although that might be good) It wasn't spicy so I don't think there were hot peppers in it. I don't know if it's an Asian dish or not.

Does this dish sound familiar to anyone? And does anyone have a recipe?

A google search for "peach lentil recipes" turns up nothing.

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Hi hamiltongardener,
I think I know what you are talking about. My sister had a recipe for a dish with red lentils and peaches when she was on a diet. She is not a vegetarian, but she liked that dish a lot. I am a vegetarian and I really liked that dish as well. I don't have the recipe here, but I am sure my sister can send it to me. I will post it here when I get it.

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I just received the recipe from my sister. It actually contains (dried) apricots and not peaches, but it is really good and easy to prepare. Here is the recipe:

Indian Lentil Stew (ingredients per person)

3 tbsp wheat (whole kernels)
4 tbsp red lentils (dried)
1 small clove of garlic
2 green onions
2 carrots
25 g dried apricots
2 tbsp vegetable oil (preferably whet germ oil)
salt, pepper, curry and cumin

The day/evening before:

Add one cup of water to the wheat and bring to a boil. Add the dried apricots and lentils and let soak overnight (without additional heat).

Next day:

Heat up the oil and sauté the cut vegetables and crushed garlic. Add the lentils, apricots and wheat including the liquid. Season to taste using salt, pepper, curry and cumin and simmer for 20 minutes.


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I thought you had forgotten.

I appreciate it very much.

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You're welcome. I hope you like it. I haven't made it yet, so I am not sure how easy you can find all the ingredients. In germany, you get the red lentils just about anywhere...haven't seen them here yet. I haven't really looked too hard for them though. I guess another color would work also, but it just looks prettier with the red ones.

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