LOOKING for: Looking for new ways to fix Zucchini

minirose1June 29, 2008

Does anyone have a new way to fix zucchini? We fix it fried, grilled, sauteed, in casserole, nut bread and raw in salads, but would love to hear how other people might fix it.

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Julia Child's Volume II of Mastering the Art of French Cooking has several unusual and interesting recipes, but they do involve a bit of work, like shredding them in a box shredder, then putting the shreds into a dish towel and squeezing the liquid out of them. Then you can saute them in olive oil or butter and add garlic, parsley maybe some red pepper flakes for some heat. Mix with some fingerling potatoes and you have a nice vegetable side dish, or toss with pasta and add parmesan cheese for a nice main course.

Also, Italians are very fond of adding zucchini in their minestrone, usually in fairly large chunks so they hold up well for simmering in the broth.

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Thanks for the suggestions, haus proud, will check on Julia. I forgot to add that I've shredded them with onion and carrot and made patties that were fried in a little butter. Pretty good!

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Stuffing them is good, too. Just cut lengthwise and hollow out the middles a bit, stuff with any combo you like. I like finely chopped mushroom, onion, celery, and parts of the scooped out zucchini sauteed and then mixed with bread crumbs, panko are good. Bake in the oven, 'til done.

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