RECIPE: Cooking Tofu Successfully

purpleaaJune 14, 2009

For years I've followed recipes for stir frying, deep frying, or pan frying tofu. No matter what I did, the tofu would immediately begin sticking.

I just tried the following and it worked quite well. The flavor and texture are much better too.

Organic extra firm tofu

Cooking spray

Slice the tofu to about half an inch thick. Pat dry. Put on a plate and freeze overnight. Spray lightly with cooking spray and grill. I used the George Foreman. Every once in a while, I'd open the top to make sure as much steam as possible could escape.

The result is firm and dry--great for serving in salads--just let it marinate for a few minutes in the dressing.

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Interesting - I freeze my tofu but I freeze the whole package, not individual slabs (or cubes). I might try that but I don't have trouble with sticking because I always roast mine. I DO use cooking spray and a little soy sauce before roasting.

I found a recipe on another web site that recommended marinating in lime juice (for at least 30 minutes I think), soy sauce and sesame oil first before roasting. Think I will try that too.
Thanks for the post.

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