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michele in ATLJune 19, 2001

Hello fellow veggies;

I was wondering what everyone thinks of the Morningstar Farms Vegetarian frozen products? I recently started buying them as an alternative to days I don't have time to "cook". I have tried only the veggie hot dogs (love 'em grilled!), and all 3 types of burgers. I have not tried the veg chicken, ham, or other various products. Just curious what your thoughts were on the taste/ingredients, etc.

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We tried the burgers and the 'sausage' and didn't care for them. We use a brand called 'Natural Touch' now. They aren't as good as 'Garden Burgers' used to be, but they aren't bad and taste better to us than the other brands that we've tried.

Glad you found something you like. :-)

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I eat a lot of the Morningstar products. My favorite is the Breakfast Links. I like the Breakfast strips for "BLTs", and the new Grillers Prime burgers. I have tried all of their products that are available here and really like most of them. I do not care for their veggie dogs, though. I prefer the Worthington Leanies (I get them from the health food store). My favorite veggie "meats" are Worthington Fri-Chik, and Loma Linda Tender Bits.

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The chik patties are good and the black bean burgers are great but the hot pocket like things kinda suck. Never tried the bacon and sausage like vrieties. Amy's meatless products are good and the veggies in them are organic. peace, pea

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My favorite Morningstar Farm product is the Chik Pattie. They get soggy if cooked in the microwave, but are great fried in a pan. The frying seems to bring out the flavors of the spices in the coating and makes the coating slightly crispy. I usually toss some chopped onions in the pan when it's time to flip the pattie to cook the other side. I also like to serve them with pasta, spaghetti sauce, Parmensan cheese and mozzarella cheese--either as a casserole (which I call "Chickless Parmensan") or as spaghetti with a side of chik pattie. Or, I fry a pattie, cut it into pieces, and serve on a salad as a "Chickless Salad". Even my non-vegetarian step son loves the Chik Patties.

My non-vegetarian husband likes the Chik Patties, but likes the new Grillers Prime better. He sometimes buys veggie hot dogs, but I'm not sure which brand they are. I never really liked hot dogs when I did eat animals so I haven't tried them.

We've tried some of Morningstar Farms' other products but don't buy them all of the time. I don't remember what it's called, but they have some kind of breakfast sausage-like pattie that we sometimes crumble and use as a pizza or spaghetti topping. My step-son usually requests it that way.

I hope this helps and gives you some ideas of how to serve them.

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I LOVE the Morningstar burger products...esp. vegetable patties and black bean patties...I feel they are a little on the expensive side ($2.50 box 4) and am searching my cookbooks and web to see if I can make something similar at home and fresh...can anyone help?

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The Breakfast Strips and Links are staples in my house. I like most of the other products, too, except those pocket things. To me the best thing about Morningstar products is that they are available at the supermarket.

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I love the chik patties and the pocket sandwiches (not very healthy, but good comfort food). Hubby loves the sausage links and patties. We eat a lot of MF products.

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I like their stuff. The ground meatless is good for cooking. I like the pepperoni pockets, but not the ham and cheese ones.

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The buffalo wings are really good - the spicing seems to hit just the right level. the breakfast links are okay, but not always worth the price to my mind.

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I have been a veggie for 25 years. I LOVE all of Morningstar Farms foods. With the breakfast sausages I make hot sandwiches with Veggie brown gravy(Loma Linda) and bread with potatoes or french fries. I like their chik nuggets, chick patties, buffalo wings (spicy), dogs, burgers. Have you tried the Grillers burger style?? It can be used in recipes the same as 1 lb. of hamburger already cooked. Comes frozen in a bag. I love all the Loma Linda brand foods too. Good luck to you.

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Based on your preference for Morningstar Farms products and Loma Linda gravy, (we must have similar tastes) I believe I'll try the rest of the Loma Linda line on your recommendation. Thanks for the tip.

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Hey, I just learned that Morningstar uses eggs from factory farms. The birds have parts of their beaks burned off and are kept in tiny wire cages that don't even allow them to spread their wings. You're much better off going with the egg-free versions that Gardenburger and Tofurky make.

Here is a link that might be useful: Morningstar Uses Factory Farmed Eggs

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I don't like the fact that Morningstar uses eggs from cage-held chicken. Not all of the Morningstar products contain eggs, though. I like the Meal starters, both the Chicken and Steak Strips. Those are both vegan. They are great on a salad or in a stir fry. We eat some of the other products like the Buffalo Wings, Veggie Bites, Black Bean burgers as well. My husband is not a vegetarian and he likes those products. We don't normally have any meat in the house other than if my husband wants to do a BBQ or for his Thanksgiving meal or something like that. So even if those MF products contain some eggs from unhappy chicken I don't totally boycott them. I am glad that they are acceptable for non-vegetarian people. For veggie dogs we normally prefer the Smartdogs made by Lightlife. They are just cooled not frozen.

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These are tasty but they all have risky ingredients for instance my old favorite " grillers" has

GMO corn, soy and canola ( You are eating Roundup )

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein and yeast extract ( this is just MSG in disguise)
Caramel color ( why isn't this banned already?)

I would love it if they could make a clean version of this product.

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