why do soaking chickpeas click?

TJG911June 30, 2008

when soaking dried chickpeas, about 6 hours into soaking them in water they start to 'click'. every few minutes there's this click. anyone that soaks dried chickpeas must have noticed this, but why, what causes the sound?

i thought air was escaping from a chickpea but there are no air bubbles, no disturbances of the water at all!

is it just expansion?


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They do?

Just a guess: The outer skin is splitting?

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Yes I have noticed that. I think it is air, mine seem to bubble a bit.

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popi reread my initial comments. - no bubbles so can't be air.


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Well I've got bubbles in mine ! My water is bubbling a bit.

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Mine click and bubble slightly too, especially when I start to cook them. I got curious enough to park myself in front of the stove one afternoon while they were heating, and when the chickpeas on the top clicked, I could often see a slight movement and a tiny bubble rising to the surface of the water.

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