Grouted my class project

concretenprimrosesMay 6, 2010

Here it is. Dh made the frame out of left over porch skirt posts and put it on for me before I grouted. I might hang it in my kitchen since its made partly out of my dishes that I still use.

Here is the before grout pic.


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That is such a sweet little mosaic, CONCRETE. I know you are proud of it. Love the black grout, and the frame. Isn't it great that your DH helps w/your projects. Sure miss mine. Do you have another project in mind?

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Hey Kathy, did you manage to get that little tumbler home? I think you will be doing more projects like this and will enjoy using the tumbler!!!heh heh!

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I've got it Calamity! Filled it with socks like you suggested. I'm eager to use it. I didn't for this project cuz my stuff was already done shake style, and the other stuff I did in class. But my next things will be more touchable and definitely don't want sharp edges.

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Very Nice! I love the use of plate footers and that lower right hand corner just makes the whole thing for me! Great job!

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That turned out very nice!

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Gals, I got a mosaic class for my birthday, and it started this past week. I really wanted to get some direction on my crappy grouting, but I am so disappointed (the grouting is coming, but not til the last week, i knew this of course) My disappointment comes in our instructor, she isnt TEACHING she is showing us HER TECHNIQUE, and if she doesnt appreciate your vision she has NO Problem with walking by & swiping all of the students work to the table & making them start over???? SO, we are, essentially, making HER Project, her vision, her...
She gets sidetracked & forgets what she was "teaching", she talks to the people as if they know exactly what she is talking about, they have never done mosaic before... she doesnt call the "tools" by the correct name... (ie: nippers, nippers, and these are nippers) I was like, arent those wheeled nippers??? She was pissed... its so disappointing, my friend paid $95 for this class.... AM I JUST BEING STUBBORN??????????????????/
What do ya think?

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Sounds like you could teach HER. Why don't you ask for a partial refund and walk out? Being the mouthy person that I am, I'd call attention to it, and cause trouble - that's a ridiculous price to pay for poor teaching. How long is the class?

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WHAT a Bummer!!! I had a class for Glass fusing, that I took a few months ago, and was dissappointed with as I figured I'd learn something, but really I just played, no real fusing instructions...I still had fun as I went with Klinger, but was hoping to learn something....But the good thing for you found Us!!!!heh heh! We are a veritable Goldmine of Info!!!hee hee! Now about that grouting...did you use sanded grout? I have used non sanded grout before and really don't like it!! And I must's rare that I am ever completely satisfied with a project...I always pick it apart...should done this, shouldn't have done that...but everybody here helps put it all into prospective for me. The instructor you have sounds like she has some major control issues...and it's a tough call on whether it's worth it to confront that or take it as a lesson in people dynamics(some people aren't worth the effort confronting) Maybe just tell everybody taking the class, about this great website you everybody gets a chance to benefit from a crappy course!!!hahaha! Lemonade outta lemons!

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You got a bad teacher. That is unfortunate. My class cost quite a bit more than $95. I probably wouldn't have done it (due to the cost, and I'm a cheapskate) but some of my neighbors were, and I wanted to be more friendly with them. The teacher showed us technique and other peoples work and let us have at her supplies of tiles dishes and glass. "pick out what you like, and you'll make a piece that you like with it" And the best wheeled nippers came with the class fee. She was very supportive of everyone's work in progress, and sometimes made suggestions, but mostly cheer leaded.
Sorry you had a bad experience. But this forum and the people in it can teach you everything!

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That looks great & you did a good job. It's very exciting doing your first mosaic.

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Thanks Guys!!! The class is 3 weeks for 2 hours.. IF my friend that paid for it didnt actually WORK at the art center, I would not return, but I dont want to embarrass her (she is upper management). I will suffer thru (lol)
I have been using UNsanded grout, but have heard that is part of my mistake SEVERAL times now, so I am going to change on my next bag, but like the rest of you $$ is always an issue, and we are all well aware this is NOT an inexpensive addiction!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL THANKS AGAIN!!!!

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