RECIPE: Next time you make white bean stew/soup

jkom51June 3, 2010

I prefer adding collard greens or kale to my white bean stews/soups. A few weeks ago I saw a variant on this idea adding diced butternut squash.

I thought this was intriguing and as I only had sweet potatoes on hand, I made my usual white bean/kale stew, using lots of veggies and vegetable broth.

I left the sweet potatoes in large dice (they shrink in cooking) and with a nice coating of EVOO, a bit of salt & pepper (not much), and a touch of maple syrup, roasted them for 30 min at 425 degrees.

Reheat the stew and add the cooked sweet potato at the last minute to heat up. This keeps it from getting so soft it just dissolves into mush. Serve with sliced bread, and a touch of pesto oil if you've got it, optional if you don't.

I always perk up my beans with a squeeze of Meyer lemon juice, since we have 3 trees so they're always on hand. A little acidity is always good for starchy foods, LOL.

This was a huge hit with my vegetarian friends last night!

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It's also good with Swiss chard. I always use some white wine in my bean soup, too.

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