RECIPE: I want to put lentils in a power shake.

ginjjJune 8, 2011

I'm attempting to go on an "elimination diet" for a health reason. What I can eat is limited. With spring here I want to come up with ideas for very quick dinners; so I can get outside!!

I want some protein for dinner. I love to make shakes for my morning meal. What do you think about adding lentils or another bean to a power shake of banana, blueberries, oat ban etc.



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It doesn't sound very tasty to me, but if you do decide to go ahead and try it, make sure they are cooked and not raw. There are phytic acids and tannins in raw lentils that will block absorption of other important nutrients. Cooking destroys these anti-nutrients.

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I add adzuki beans to my morning smoothie every day.

I use banana, watermelon (or other melon) bok choy, baby spinach, a mixture of seeds, adzuki beans, and some frozen fruit. DH and I split it. I just finished today's. It does vary sometimes depending on the fruit and veggies we have on hand. I use about 1 cup of beans so we both basically get 1/2 a cup.

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If you can dream it, you can do it! But it's hard to give you any ideas without knowing what it is you're limited to. If I were you I would blend them up with some coconut milk, soy milk, and sweetener.

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