Finished lamp (finally!)

concretenprimrosesMay 18, 2011


Finally completed the lamp for my foster daughter who loves roses. I must say grouting it was an experience. Thank good ness I saw pics of Calamity grouting her sea horse or I wouldn't have know quite how to approach it. I had mixed just enough grout which was a little scary as I worked my way to the bottom. This is my first non-flat piece.

Here it is ready to grout:

I had bought antique white grout but didn't like how it looked next to the irridescent tile so I used grey. I wish I'd lightened it up a bit, but I think its ok.


I left the base as it was. If I had it to do over I would paint it grey before I applied the beads that you can't really see in the pic, in the gap between the lamp and base. I also wanted a 6 sided shade but couldnt find one in bright white (only cream which didnt' look as good), so settled on this 8 sided one.

I'm generally pleased and think dfd will like it. I'm going to give it to her today or tomorrow.

Even tho there are things I wish were different, this is only my 3rd project, and I need to accept that its a learning process!

Thanks for looking.


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Are you kidding us? This does in NO WAY look like a beginner/learning project. It's a very elegant and beautiful lamp, and your work looks like you've been mosaicing for years. It's absolutely beautul - what a lovely gift!!!!!!! Be proud. Whatcha gonna do next?

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WOW!!! I think this turned out beautifully!! I'm learning 3D mosaic is very hard to do, and your technique is wonderful, the colors you chose perfect. I love it! Even the shade. I think it works beautifully. Thanks so much for sharing pics! You have a very lucky daughter!

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It is beautiful.......she will be soooo proud to display that in her home, I know I would be! Your work is so good, I've never tried 3-D mosaics before. It looks like quite a challenge which you seemed to have no problem with.
Thanks for sharing pics.

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Just beautiful, you did a wonderful job! The shape of the shade works great with the lamp and the colors are great together. She will love it.

Okay, I'm inspired now and really will do my first project this summer.

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Good Job!!! I am SURE she will LOVE it!!!

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That turned out so pretty !! Great job!!!

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Thank you everyone! She does love it, I think.
I don't know what I will make next. Outdoor stuff hopefully!
RO deer, just jump in!

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Kathy, your daughter will LOVE it. It is beautiful; you did a fantastic job. Love the colors.

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I think you did a wonderful job & I like the black base. The shade looks good with it also. Well done!

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