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charmoMay 13, 2009

Hi Cathy! How are you doing these days? I was doing a mushroom with the agates you gave me. The base of the mushroom was an old plastic vase and I used thinset to put the agates on it. It sat there for a few days and yesterday when I grouted it, a lot of the stones came off as I was sponging. Can we use thinset for the stones? or maybe it was the combination of the plastic,thinset and the stones that didn't work? Let me know because I want to start again.

Thanks Cathy!

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Hi Charmo, Yes I always use thinset when I'm putting on rocks or agates. That way I can add a lot and make them stick.Probably the plastic if they didn't stay. Hope you can get it to work. Love to see it when you're done!!!! I'm working on another pot for the deck and it has rocks and agates and I used thinset to put them on.....Great hearing from you, we're enjoying summer now that it is finally here!!! Loving the deck sit out on it everyday!!! Later, Cathy

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