Snazzing up switchplates.......

lydia1959September 2, 2005

I saw some expensive metal switchplates on line and thought I would try making a faux one. I took an ordinary plastic switchplate, glued on a piece of embossed wallpaper (bought a whole roll at a yard sale for a dime), painted it with the textured spray metallic paint (leftover from my bowling ball project), then added a few coats of waterbased varnish. I think it came out pretty well, although I might paint the screws so they blend in better. Looks kind of like leather too I think - so it might work in a western themed room as well.

Other ideas would be gluing on a plastic lizard or any flat backed 3-D item and then painting over. You could add flat backed jewels or curled wire as well or drill little holes and dangle some beads from the bottom. Any other switchplate ideas??

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Lydia, that looks so elegant! I love it!!!


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Lydia, Great job. What a clever idea. My dad gave me 2 rols of that and I haven't used it for anything. Thanks for sharing.

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I love your switchplate.....really great ideas too for others....this is something I want to try....thanks for the idea and great job.....Brenda

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Very nice! Yep, paint the screws.

You're right - it looks kind of like leather and kind of metal toned. (Two of my favorite materials! LOL)

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I have a couple types of that textured wallpaper ... I'm gonna give this one a try too! My first thought when looking at your switchplate was that it looked like aged/rusted metal. I love that look. Especially when the rust doesn't rub off on you!

Thanks for sharing your project ... and your tips!


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thank you , very nice, heck i thought i had most of the ideas for these cool. that is what make this so great .
a cpl of things Ive done are used that blue metallic paint on a plate and put it on a blue wall looks like it is built in.
I was afraid of the paint not sticking to the plastic so I covered the plates in white glue like decopage and then painted them , donlt know if I discovered something but it worked great.
we decopaged paper leaves all over them and painted green . I am wanting to try this on a whole wall with the leaves then at least 5 colors of green??
we starched twall fab. on them and the door inserts in the kitchen.
I took the plug in plates in my shop (wooden ones) and took all different colors of stain and kindarag painted them layering the color I just wished I had a pic as good as yours of a cpl of these i was impressed these were g.s plates and waste stain from rags just beautiful.
thought of.... decoupging fancy wrapping paper over them.
using a saw blade for one in a shop.
have glow in the dark paint on one .
thought of... two clear one stacked to gether .. with anything in between , flower petals, pics.paper. need to do this one.
thought of .. using the melted crayon trick to paint one then sealing it.
was going to... decoupage food labels to wood ones for the kitchen.. am going to still do this on the insides of open cupboards and shelves and open wall spaces. flour bags .mostly.
have seen .. pennies glued all over them.
thanks for the pic. that is wonderful ... oh I might add
I have a lot of the embossed paper and it was all free samples from a paint store. so these would be free.

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you know i remembered something. and after seeing your excellent pic. was a reminder , you made that beutiful plate
and even with the screws painted you are still stuck with the off white switch .
only takes a few min to change to brown and about a dollar.
i,m stuck with white ones on a barn wood wall also .
great pic thanks Rick

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I bought a roll of that wall paper....We cut squares and painted them . glues three sides together...Wire handle..

and opened the make wall pockets..

put dried flowers in them...and hung them on the door...they looked just like wall pockets made of old pieces of tin ceiling...they looked great.


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Patti, Those sound so cute. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow! This looks great, and I bet it was a lot of fun to make.

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Lydia, I would have never guessed that was wallpaper. What a fantastic idea and you did an excellent job. As the others say, paint the switch and your done. Perfect.


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Wow, that looks so much like leather or rusted metal. That would work on boxes or flower pots too I bet. Very nice.

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Wow! I have some in my garage I was loathe to throw away! Now I know what I can do with them.

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The comment about the leather look reminded me of a wall I saw that looked like leather. What they did was tore brown grocery bags -crunched them up-ironed then down (leaving creases) and glued them to the wall-over lapping. Used a coat of shellac and that were beautiful! Looked just like leather.

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That is really nice work.

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Very nice switchplate! I have some leftover paper too. Great ideas everyone! Thank you!

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