Am I the only one here that is confused at this site?

goldenpondSeptember 21, 2008

I notice at THIS site that we start out with discussions. If you go to the right after on TOPIC DISCUSSIONS it says Gallery in purple. So if you click on it isnt THAT where you post photos? Wouldn't that mean questions and conversations here and photos in gallery?

At Garden junk you begin with a place to post picsand they have the conversations to the right and you click there to talk about whatever. It is opposite of here except that if you do it incorrectly you usually get a reprimand. So ,,,,,help me understand this wonderful forum.

Maybe some posters do not even know the gallery page exists.

I think all the info is great fun just hard to maneuver around.

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Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I've been doing it wrong all this time, and every one has been too nice to point out my mistakes.

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I don't think it is anyones fault and I sure didnt mean to sound not nice ,Sorry if I came across that way.
What I do wonder is why the forums are all different in the set ups. If you are use to it one way in another forum Natch you will think it is the same way in the others.
I know with the garden junkers and Florida gardeners I enjoy both sides but it was awhile before I figured out there was another side.I am glad I did because I have gotten so much from it.

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Golden, looks to me that you could post photos on either side but all discussions here? I completely missed the gallery side when I was here a few months back too. And that's what everyone really wants to see!

You didn't sound not could never sound not nice. (smile)

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I noticed that this 1 seems to be opposite of the other forums. 1st time I clicked on" gallery "photobucket came up but nothing about any crafts,so I didn't try for long time& about week ago tried again & got posts. I just figured it was person in charge of this forum??? Guess there is somebody watching each forum!! So just go with the flow, I guess!! Thanks Goldenpond, at least we know now that we arn't "nuts" somebody else noticed too! Jan

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The gallery is for posting pictures. It is especially for those who don't have a picture hosting sight such as Photo bucket. It gives them a place to post pics from their computer to the site to share with others. There is no rule about posting pics in threads.

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If you think this one is bad....come over to the Decorative and Tole Painting forum....we have 3 sides... Gallery, Discussions, and Conversations. ha Most of us post to the Gallery because the pictures stay longer before they get bumped, we use Discussions to talk about painting stuff although some people do post pics there too, and then we use Conversations for everyday chatting. I agree...I think it's just up to the people who are using the forum to agree on how it's used. I notice some forums never even use their galleries.
It's sad that you've been reprimanded for posting in the "wrong" place, but I do understand on Garden Junk. There are so many people posting that stuff gets bumped daily and they don't want a picture post bumped for a conversation post. We usually try to let people know there are other sides to each forum because maybe they don't know. I didn't notice it either for about the first 3 months. ha On the painting forum we don't care as long as they are posting! =) We like lots of pics. ~Anj

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