looking for: tvp burgers

marshall2000June 7, 2007

I have tried making vegie burgers using TVP and find they are crumbly and fall apart. Hungry Jacks do a vegie burger and it's hard to tell the difference between IT and a meat burger.

I read somewhere that rice flour is a good binder.


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Marshall, this is a really, really slow veggie board -- you might try looking for other veg*n message boards that are more active to get a response. I used to know of a couple but the ones I frequented no longer exist and I haven't hooked up with new ones, but I know they're there. I never made burgers from TVP; the recipes I looked at included flour of some kind as a binder, so if you haven't been using that, you might try it. Rice flour should work in place of wheat flour. Sorry I can't help you more -- and good luck!

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Carol ann,
Thanks for the tip. I have been looking for another forum but no luck so far. I think I will have try a bit harder.

I am still experimenting with the flour as a binder and it's getting better. It might be better if I don't know what Hungry Jacks use. LOL.


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Try www.vegsource.com for an active vegan board.

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I agree, this is a really slow veggie board.

Are you guys vegans or (ovo-lacto) vegetarians? Many veggie burgers contain egg and milk products. I didn't find the veggie burger on the Hungry Jack's menu, but if it is the same one that Burger King offers, it is the Garden Veggie Patty made by Morningstar Farms. That one does contain egg whites and caseinate, so it isn't vegan. I am a vegetarian and do eat eggs and dairy products, so it doesn't bother me too much. There is a thread on this board about Morningstar using eggs from caged chickens though. I have sent them an email about that and they say they are working on eliminating the egg white soon. There are some other brands of veggie burgers that are vegan like the Boca Burger Original, Roasted Onion or Roasted Garlic.

As a binder for your veggie burger creations you could try to add some cooked rice...the stickier Chinese rice should work great. Adding too much flour can make the burgers too dry. Rolled oats can also be added as a binder.

I did a quick search for TVP burgers and found this website. They have a lot of recipes that sound good. You could give them a try.

Here is a link that might be useful: Veggie Burger recipes

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Thanks Deb, Thanks Looser,

There are some really interesting receipes at that site Looser. I have copied them and will try a some later. I don't think we have Morningstar in Australia but I am having better luck making my own now.

Since my original post I have been having good results with TVP. I am using flour, egg, and rolled oats as a binder; not always all three but either one or two usually. The burgers I have made have a good solid texture and the flavour has varied a bit. I have made small balls that were ok and made a sauce for those.

I have been looking around for dry TVP chunks but haven't been able to find them. I found some frozen chunks but they were quite expensive. I am going to make some chunks out of the burger mix and freeze them for later.

Thanks again for the help and suggestions.


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