LOOKING for: soy beans

ElsMaMaJune 1, 2002

I've recently started shopping at a new grocery store that has a wider variety of vegetarian products than the one I was shopping. I noticed that they sell soy beans (frozen) and was wondering if anyone has any recipes using these?

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The only time I have eaten 'fresh' soy beans they were steamed, and you could not eat the 'shells'. They were discarded. I have cooked dried soy beans........just like dried pintos only it takes longer.

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That's the only thing I could think of to do with them. I'll have to try it. I guess not many people have tried them because I haven't found ANY recipes using them. I'll have to experiment.

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You can use these fresh soy beans in the salads like peas. Also you can cook them with onions and some spices. It tastes good. We have been eating fresh soy beans for a long time now.

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I'll try that too. I think they'll taste really good with the onions and spices!

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I grew them in my garden for a couuple of years and I love soybeans, especially the green ones. I learned that the shells are much easier to remove if they are imersed in very hot water for a couple of minutes. I always just cooked them and served them with butter, salt, and pepper. However, since I have had thyroid surgery and am on thyroid medication, I have to limit my eating soy products. I still get them when I see them which isn't often. Judith

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I make them into a chow-chow- with chopped peppers, onion, cherry tomatoes, corn, olives, cucumber, zucchini, avocado, whatever is on hand. I like it with a sweet lime juice-corn oil dressing. A little cilantro, some chipolte pepper. Eaten cold.

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