Passed on one of my 'finds'

des_arc_ya_yaSeptember 8, 2005

The guy that does my Terminix contract spraying came to the house this morning. He's been my "person" for two or three years so we've gotten acquainted pretty well. He asked me where I had gotten a small wooden shelf that I had standing in my bedroom floor. I laughed and said, "Do you really wanta know!?" Then I told him that I had gotten it off the curb in a pile of trash! LOL

He said, "Well, I've been looking for one just like that to display my model Nascar cars." I said, "It's your's!" Then he starts this, "Well, at least let me pay you for it!" My reply, "Okay, pay me what I paid for it - NOTHING!" LOL

My DH was just shaking his head. He just doesn't get it! LOL

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all go through each other's stash? LOL

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My neighbor called me on her cell phone last weekend. She was on a bike ride and just HAD to tell me about a pile of trash she saw that contained 6 windows. SHE doesn't junk at all, but knows I do.

I scored 6 great windows for glass on glass mosaics and met a lovely woman with an outhouse in her front yard (I asked the trash pile-homeowner before I took the windows).

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I give things away all the time. Was at the flea market with a friend this past weekend and she was admiring a silver and glass carafe. I said, "Don't buy it...I have one just like it and I will give it to you." I sort of hated to part with mine because my husband found it for me, but I have so much stuff, and there is always more to be found.

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to funny ... a out house??? at least you were nice and did,nt charge him so many folks assume everything is an heirloom?
I,m kinda ashamed , had so much crisis I really have not built much or collected near what I usually do .
saw a toilet and some ply wood around the corner tues and passed on it. had a dream about putting a full bathroom in one of my garden rooms , I have the sink and bath . be easy to plumb.
but I have a friend that does know junk and used to call me everyt ime he saw something good I had to get him slowed down a bit.
this will be fun . over a 4 or five yr. time . me and him
have hauled home truck loads of stuff. they were tearing down houses for a highway and we spent days there . 2 trucks of brick. ... a truck full of narrow strip white oak floor .
wished I had all of it. 2 heavey metal chairs...
3 gates.. 2 stainless salad bars for my green house...
2 truck fulls of cut up telephone posts , supposed to be a cord wood wall for green house.
a truck full of 2,3 ft. concrete pipe pcs.that are stained and form an arch in front of my porch and planted with creeping sedum and other sedum.
oh.. the benches from a hamburger place the wavy s shaped things that sit on metal base , I have the tops but went back for the metal it was gone.
a big ???? a 4 by 6 roof that sat on 6 by 6 posts and the flowers that were planted under it 5 bushels of daylilies the lilies are border on the street and the roof is still on the ground in the back still not sure where it goes and it take 6 guys to lift? all redwood.
a giant wok lid from a chinese is a birdbath on a stump. oh a set of lockers from behind a "dance" club that one was funny the name jezebels was on the side and a few names on the front , bunny, misty, etc... I faux painted and put it in wifes sewing room.
he delivers to resturants so he alley shops a lot .
a friend found a full set of cragar rims this summer , because the owner said it cost 5 dollar a tire throw them away , the tires were good , he got 200$ for the rims and they installed the tires on his car.
that was a tribute to my friend dave with friends like that who needs to curb shop. thanks Rick

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oh a set of lockers from behind a "dance" club that one was funny the name jezebels was on the side and a few names on the front , bunny, misty, etc... I faux painted and put it in wifes sewing room.

I'm REALLY glad you didn't put it in the bedroom!

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