LOOKING for: Not a recipe, but a product (organic pop tarts)...

CaroleMay 23, 2001

About a year ago my husband and I tried an organic pop tart that we absolutely loved. After purchasing several boxes we found that the store we bought them at no longer carried them. We have looked at other natural food stores with no luck. Unfortunately, and not very useful to any of you, but we threw the last empty box away (as anyone would) so I don't even remember the name of the product. They were made with organic flour and fruit spread, sweetened with fruit juice and had no icing on top. They were wonderful! We miss them. Does anyone here eat any product like this and if so what is the brand name that you like? Maybe if I see the name I'll remember, and then I can find a website or something.

Thanks in advance. :-)

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I think you might have had Healthy Valley Breakfast Bakes. They are touted as a substitute for poptarts. According to their ad -

These fat-free breakfast bars have only 110 calories -- 90 percent of which are from carbohydrates, meaning they give you plenty of energy. They're low in sodium (only 25
grams per bar) and are a good source of dietary fiber. Even the ingredients sound good: organic 100 percent whole-wheat flour, dates, honey and a list of dried fruits.

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No, that's not it, but thanks, I'll look into that one. :-)

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bet they are Amy's. Yum!

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