LOOKING for: vegan substitute for hard boiled eggs

JackieMay 6, 2001

What are your suggestions for a replacement for hard boiled eggs.

Specifically, the recipe is for empanadas which requires two chopped hard boiled eggs.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you

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This is a toughy, for me, anyway! My tendency is to just skip them. Are they a big part of the recipe? If so, what about using extra firm (not silken) tofu, maybe with a sprinkle of herbs like you use for fake egg salad (there are many recipes) or something like Fantastic's Tofu Scrambler (I use it to make too-lazy-to-pull-out-herbs fake egg salad). Or what about going another direction - like chopped mushrooms? I think those would be good in empanadas. Maybe some more creative minds will have some better ideas.

Good luck, and happy eating!

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I often use the MoriNu extra firm silken tofu in salads. My husband thinks it's hard boiled egg whites. ;-) As far as replicating the egg yolks, I have been veg for 17 years and have not heard of anything to do this so I'd just use the tofu & not worry about the yolks.

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Hi, why not use for the egg yolks yellow corn meal? I ate many eggs before I went vegan. The corn meal is not unlike the egg yolk when cooked long enough. I add margarine and salt to it, and pretend it`s "egg". You could fill the tofu with the cooked corn meal. If you add garlic chieves to the "yolk" it`s even better.

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Hi Jackie,

Try freezing the tofu for 48 hours and then thawing. Now take the thawed tofu and cut into whatever size/shape you want. Next, marinate it in a mixture of about 1 cup water, 1 tsp salt, and 1/4 tsp tumeric (exact amounts not important). You'll end up with a very nice yolk substitute.


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