Particleboard & Laminate Bookcase ???

cncnormanSeptember 25, 2005

I am praying that someone here will be able to help me. I have these two bookcases that my husband and I bought when we were first married from wally world. They are six or seven foot tall and cheepy looking fake pine. Is there some way I can paint these or am I wasting my time? These have sentimental value only because we are just now hitting our 10th anniversary and they have made the trip to germany and back with us. I'd like to paint them white and then put some contrasting color/pattern on the interior visible back wall (it's actually thick cardboard stuff i think)like I've been seeing in magazines. I truly appreciate any help ya'll can send my way!



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well luckily this stuff takes paint real well .
now would be the time to put a an extra screw or block of wood and and some glue also ,
the paint personally I would prime them with kilz and then cover with an enamel use a foam brush on the enamel to ease brush strokes but just clean and cover with kilz then a good enamel they will look good for yrs. the back ground you might consider starching a pc of fabric and applying it to the back
if you have not done this it is real easy the cutting is the critical part. but go with the best enamel you can get
it will look great Rick

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I saw a session on HGTV where they put plywood on the sides, attached louvered doors, and painted it. They put little bins inside for her crafting supplies. Underneath one shelf, they put an old cafe curtain rod, the kind you can easily take down, and put ribbon rolls on it. Holes screwed in another shelf with dowels inserted held all sorts of threads and sequins, etc. It was so cool! I think they got the doors at a salvage shop for $5, and the whole thing cost them about $25 to do.

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I painted a particle board entertainment center several years ago and it still looks great. The only thing I would add to the previous instructions is to lightly sand the existing finish with a fine grit sand paper, then wipe the entire thing down with a tacky cloth to remove any dust. Then prime with the kilz and paint. Keeping a bit of paint around for touch ups on those inevitable scratches is a good idea also.

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Ya'll are awesome! Thank you so much for the ideas I truly appreciate them.

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