What can I do with this?

countrytodamaxSeptember 27, 2007

A large jar that was given to me by my daughter. I see a "change jar" but I don't have that much change. lol

Here is a link that might be useful:

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What about putting stencils on it-to match the decor of one of your rooms? Or wallpaper border? Artifical flowers/ivy? Maybe small pictures of kids/pets? If you're artistically inclined, draw/paint something?

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Terrium, fish tank for gold fish.

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Tank for a Siamese fighting fish.. PERFECT!! They are cool & very low maintenance

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I'd fill it with marbles

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Fill it with potpourri - I saw at Michael's Craft store - this large vase filled as follows: The orange pukta pods in the bottom, about three or four inches full. They they added layers of things like, dried orange slices (those were turned on their sides for viewing). It looked like they took a bag of potpourri and separated all the different items in it and then layed them in the vase. I'd say about halfway filling it up, they inserted a very nice fall bouquet of different types of silk flowers, and then contineud the layering of potpourri to cover the stems. It was super, super pretty.


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I like the combo potpourri/floral arrangement too. However-you can take it one step further, by purchasing a piece of pretty fabric-(maybe even seasonal print or a plaid-floral to match your room?)...it should be a lightweight cotton and cut it to fit the outside of the jar. Dip it in liquid starch, gently wring out the excess & mold it around the outside..don't worry if you don't get all of the wrinkles out-the texture would be cool. Work from the bottom up-smoothing but not pressing all of the starch out from it. You'll most likely have excess material left at the top lip of the jar. Let it dry overnight-then trim so it's even around the edge. I love to cover items using the starch, because when it gets soiled or I want to use a different fabric? Just peel it off, wash it or use it as a pattern for the new piece!

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I have two big jars, not just like yours but in one i have buttons and the other i have thread and there sitting in front of an old quilt.

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How about seashells?


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Maybe a tall white candle surrounded by smooth, pretty rocks.

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I'd put tall curly willow branches in them . Maybe even that tall grass with the fluffy ends. If you use curly willow - you could even string some of those tiny white lights on it. I bet it would look great!

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Fill it with checkers / chess pieces and set it on top of a game board. Or if you are a sports fan, golf tees & balls would look good.

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All of the above ideas are great, here's my 2c worth.

Fill it with ribbons, or colorful spools of thread or buttons.
Or you could simply put a couple of photographs inside it.

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You could use colored sand in the very bottom for a sand painting, then top with potpourri/silk flowers.

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Fill it with potpourri and small string of christmas lights, then put a small dollie over top and take a ribbon to tie it on. When it's plugged in it warms the potpourri and makes it smell even better. I've had one for a long time. Every once in awhile i change potpourri but the lights last forever.

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I put a collection of old matchbooks(just try to find THOSE anymore!) in one similar to that. I also have a pretty jar filled with stuff from the beach..shells, sand, sand dollars, small pieces of driftwood.

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I put forsythia branches that I spray painted white in a metal can for Christmas. Then I put little red apple ornaments on them. It was easy and looked so cool.

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That's a nice jar. You might clean out the junk drawer(s) and fill it with all those things that are too little to display on their own and never see the light of day. Souvenirs, old eyeglasses, change, paper money, granny's sewing scissors and supplies, gramp's shaving brush, all the things others mentioned, all YOUR stuff. If you can't find enough, fill in by putting an upside down glass or piece of wood in the center of the jar as a space filler. Plop an interesting lid on top to keep dust out. Whatever you do, don't forget to post a pic for us. Linda

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We are totally snowed in today and you guys have helped me be motivated to dig out some old jars.



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LOL We're also getting snow and I just came in to check and see what's going on. That was my thought right before I read your post, "It helps to see some posts. It gets the rest of us motivated."

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Glue on glass stones and put a candle in it.

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I love all the ideas! I'm getting ready to move in the next month or so tho, so this will have to be put on a back burner so to speak. I think what I'm going to do tho is what Sharon and Crafylady spoke about, the combo potpourri/floral arrangement. I saw a jar with the potpourri and the string of lights. It was really pretty. I think I'll put a branch in it to and string some lights on it also. I might even do as Carole said and put some stencils on it also. Thanks for the ideas! I will post a pic when I finish it.

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What a fun thread! I have some big jars that I'm viewing in a new light now.

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