Not a traditional mosaic but...

smickerdoodleMay 10, 2009

I thought you all might like to see my latest craze. It isn't the type of mosaic that you have to glue and grout but it is glass...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here's another one!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That's really cool. How did you do that? Do you have a kiln?

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Ohhhh, that's really cool I'm wanting a kiln again!!! I always wanted to see if I could make slab glass in a kiln, using smashed bottles....hmmm

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Mickie, How big are they? They look big and beautiful.

I dont know how big your kiln is but do you think it is possible to put a stepstone with glass on it in a kiln and melt the glass into the concrete pores to make an impressionistic pic? No grout, no adheasives, no grinding the edges. It would all depend on concrete's reaction to heat maybe???

I have been blessed with 42 step stones from Craigslist Free section. I do not have a kiln but I have seen them on Craigslist and freecycle before. Now that I see your spectacular glass art I wish I would have replyed to the ads.

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I don't know how the concrete would work in the kiln...I am afraid it would break up from the heat. I also think if you had a solid piece of glass without the grout lines in between it would crack if it were stepped on or got too hot in the sun.

The ones I have been making so far are about 12 circles....they fit on my 12 1/2 to 13 inch kiln shelves with enough border that I know they won't run off the edges when the glass is melted...

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Hey SMICK: I like this piece of art a lot. What are the round pieces of glass - bottle bottoms? Tell us what the pieces you used are. Are the red ones half marbles? CALAM: I managed to pass up the kiln factory on my way to Dallas Friday. Not sure I can do it again, especially after seeing this little cutie. I w/just use it to fuse glass to use in mosaics. REALLY enjoyed using the kiln in PV.

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Hey Slow: Yes the glass used in these is from broken alcohol blue wine bottle, one green wine bottle, a green Jagermeister bottle, and I think it was two Jose Quervo bottles...and no I didn't drink all the alcohol...although that might be fun too. The round pieces are the bottoms of the bottles. I get bottles from all over. I had enough of the glass for 4 of them. The red is half marbles...although I wouldn't advise using them. The glass isn't exactly COE matched and I had some cracking right around the red. That is the only place that anything cracked so I assume that the red is the wrong COE. By the way...if you do buy a kiln I would advise getting the largest one that you can afford and have room for. I wish all the time that I had a larger one. My next one will be roomsized. That way I will be able to fire anything I could want to.

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You're right about the COE - the teacher warned us about using the half marbles. Re the size of the kiln, that's what the guy at the glass store that was advising me said - the same thing. Said I might as well get the large one, cuz I'll be sorry later if I don't. Don't think so. I want the 110, portable, and I think a 10" capacity. Just fusing to make unique tiles for mosaics is all I'm interested in. Your project really presents possibilities, though, for other fantasy pieces in the garden.

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When I bought my kiln I only planned to use it for jewlery pieces...since then there have been several things that I haven't been able to do because it is too small. Mine is 15 inches across and 6 inches deep...I wish it were a lot bigger.

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Smick, I lurk over here at times since I want to try mosaics soon as I can stop procrastinataing and DO it. I was telling a gal I know about your glass designs and she wondered what you set the kiln on to do them. Time and heat? I don't know a thing about kilns myself. I'd probably burn the house down somehow. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Well how nice to see you on this side, PURPLEMOON. So glad to read that you're gonna start mosaicing. Warning, it's VERY addictive. You'll be addicted from the first one. Just about promise you that.

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Thanks, Slowme, sure do miss you over on Garden Junk.
If I get some stuff made, I'll post over here some.

hugs, Karen

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How very cool! I see a bottle TOP in there too, upper part of the moon. Mom has a kiln, she's never used it. I've asked her if she would part with it, but haven't convinced her to do so yet.

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