Do I need blackout shades for guest BR?

maxmillion_gwAugust 29, 2014

I'm not sure what sort of window coverings I should get for my guest bedroom. There is a regular window and clerestory windows. Our style is modern, and I would like to get honeycomb-type shades. Because the clerestory windows are high up, there's no chance of anyone peeking in those, but the other window faces a neighbor's home.

If you were my house guest, what would you prefer:

1) No window covering on the clerestory windows. Privacy covering on the regular window.

2) Privacy coverings on all.

3) Blackout coverings on all. If so, would you prefer the clerestory shades to already be down, since it will be hard to reach to operate?

The clerestory windows face east. The regular window faces north.

Personally, I would prefer option 1, but I can sleep through anything, anywhere, anytime!

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I agree with option #1, for a variety of reasons. But in general, it's a guestroom. You want your guests to be comfortable, but really, do you want them sleeping till noon?

Or maybe you do, LOL...

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Since the clerestory window faces east, i would put blackout shades on them, preferably remote controlled. As a guest I wouldnt want the sun streaming through waking me up at 6 am.

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Agree with number 1. Unless you expect a lot of young children and babies, no need for blackout shades or covering the higher windows, unless they are east facing and the sun comes screaming through them early in the morning.

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Buy a few of these and put them in the nightstand. Your guests will think you are SO considerate... and they are much cheaper than remote-controlled blackout shades!

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ooooh, great idea, mclarke!

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mclarke - The sleep mask is a great idea!

I'm also going to price out remote controlled shades, but that seems complicated and probably expensive.

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maxmillion, not to mention just another thing needing repair when it breaks!

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I'm up at 6. Nothing wrong with it for guests either. Come join me for coffee so I won't have to tiptoe around and shoo the cats away from howling at your door.

I think the masks are cool. I wouldn't install remote-control window coverings in my own bedroom, let alone a guest's.

When the sun comes up, the day begins.

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I have remote control window coverings in my bedroom (which are also programmable) and the only reason not to do them (aside from cost) is that you will love them so much you will want them everywhere!

To answer the question -- I'd do top down, bottom up blackouts on the regular windows and regular blackout on the clerestory. That way a person who likes it dark could have it dark and a person who likes a little light (but still wants privacy) could put the regular window shades down from the top to let in a little light.

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When do your guests visit? Around here in the summer, the sun starts shining in my east-facing bedroom window about 4:30 am. That's a bit early for most folks, and why I have black-out roller shades on the windows.

I'd talk to some stores who do the blackout shades. They must have come across this issue before, and there may be solutions other than remote controlled shades.

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