looking for: weekly menu rotations or oamc ideas

DebMay 18, 2001

Hi, everyone!

Do any of you do weekly or monthly cooking (or similar types of) menu rotations?

I've only been a vegetarian for 6 months (I do eat dairy and sometimes eggs) and am still "feeling my way through things". I would appreciate any help from all of you. Thank you in advance!!

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Hi Deb!

Here's what I do. I don't cook for anyone but me so I can afford to cut corners or change plans or eat late or early but this still might give you some ideas.

In theory, I plan and cook ahead some for the week (I work full time). In reality, some weeks I do and some weeks I don't, and even the weeks I do, I sometimes ignore what I've prepared. But in theory and sometimes reality what helps me is to think a bit ahead and cook at least one item to use during dinners all week, with the remainder of the dinner being quick and easy to prepare. For example, I might cook enough brown rice for 3-4 meals during the week, and then use it one night with stir fry vegies, another night with sweet potato and bean stew on top (from the freezer or cooked ahead), and so on. Or I might cook beans and vary how I use them. I'll prepare enough salad for several meals (I don't care much for the bagged salads and right now I have stuff from my garden anyway). I'll prepare veggies that can hold well - cut up broccoli, carrots, etc., and store in airtight containers. Then all I have to do is stir-fry or steam or whatever.

I also keep homemade soups or other items in the freezer. And I have found some good frozen veggie dinners that I like, and a few of the "burgers," and when I'm just too tired to bother, I'll have a good ol' PB&J or even a bowl of cereal! I always have tofu in my frig - it's good for a quick meal - a "fried egg" sandwich, or in stir-fry, or fake chicken or tuna salad, etc.

I tend to eat by intuition, so I couldn't make a meal plan for a whole month and expect to stick to it, and as I said I'm not always good about sticking with a week's meal plan, but it's nice to have in place anyway.

I'm always looking for new recipes and quick, simple foods. I stay away from processed foods for the most part (including the healthier ones, like tofu) but will use them within reason. The fresher, home-grown foods really taste better and make simple meals a delight - I love summer because I grow my own veggies and that's when things like pasta with fresh tomatoes and summer squash really shine.

Hope this is of some help! Bon appetit!

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