My Memory is Trash

firstjoisSeptember 12, 2005

My memory is not only trash but just about impossible to turn into treasure and it drives me crazy to k-n-o-w that I've heard or read about (whatever it is) a short while ago but just can't find it now. Happen to you, too?

I used to try and resolve this by adding the posts or articles to "Favorites" (- a section on most Windows operated machines) but shortly the "Favorites" section became a swamp of files and urls that no longer existed and I quit that. Later on I tried making shortcuts to all the ideas I found interesting but even after I moved all the shortcuts into a single folder it became a mess.

Now - I feel I have the final answer - I have begun to use the Notepad (another gift from Windows) Notepad shows up on the bar at the bottom of my screen all the time. When I see something interesting I highlight, and copy it, then open Notepad, and then paste it. It only copies words and doesn't take up much space as a typical file. The secret (if there is one) is to name the file so I can find it again.

Notepad saves to "My Documents" and is (I think) the only file that ends in .txt so I can look in "My Documents" and click on the file type and just looks at the .txt files and find (yes, find!) what I think I might have saved a good percent of the time.

I'm a newbie to Trash to Treasures (and the Garden Web) and thought the thread titles here creative and fun to read all by themselves. Nice forum!


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My method is very simple. When I find an idea I like, I simply drag the photograph from the web page to a Microsoft Word document. Dragging is soooo fast! Once the picture is there (on the MS doc) it has the little corner markers so that I can resize it by doing nothing more than dragging one corner marker toward the diagonal corner till it's the size I need.

To add the instructional text: I highlight it on the web page... click Edit then Copy.... and then I set my cursor beside the photograph on my Microsoft Word document... and then I click Edit then Paste.

It actually takes longer to say it than to do it.

I save the Microsoft Word document in a folder on my desktop entitled Creative Ideas. That way I never have to search for photos and instructions because I know they're all saved in that one folder.... and it's in plain sight.

Inside that main folder are numerous other folders, each with their own titles, such as Jewelry.... sewing... garden art, etc. Once I've saved several new documents to the main folder... I go in and drag them into their appropriate sub folders.

Often times, I use the same document for dozens of pictures or ideas. I'll put an example here. With this particular document... entitled "Composite Crazy Quilt Designs" each time I find a new picture of a crazy quilt online, I drag it to this same MS document and when I'm finished... I save the changes. So far I've added 11 different website pictures to this one document. I'll add a dozen more as they come along.

I do realize I'm a bit of a neat freak... but this really is a great way to store ideas and find them easily.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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As I was dragging a picture from a website just now... I realized I don't use the Edit-Copy feature for the text... I just dragged it over the same as I do the photographs. Sorry for wasting space there :)

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Good idea. I often wish I had saved the photo and the instructions in the same file and hadn't thought to use Word. Thanks!


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Candy, how do you drag a picture from a website? I know how to copy and paste but I don't understand the dragging from one place to another. TIA


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Oh Barbara... I'm sooo sorry... I just tried it on my husbands PC and it didn't work! I'm on a Mac and didn't realize it wasn't the same.

I tried dragging the picture (from a website) and it wouldn't go. So I clicked the enlarge link and THAT picture could be dragged. But once it was on the Word document it didn't have the corner markers for resizing.

I'm an idiot on a PC so I didn't pursue it.

I'm so sorry to anyone who wasted time trying it. (sheepish grin :)

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Somewhere on the keyboard is a key that doesn't work quite right anymore. "Print Screen" is the name and on my keyboard it is "PrtScn" it used to print whatever was on the screen at the time - just push the button and it would print what you see. Doesn't work anymore and I don't know why. What is does is in some ways better: Get the picture you want from any websight by pressing the "Print Screen" key and then open your word processing program and press "Control v" and whatever you saw on the website screen is now in a document. You can resize the picture if you wish.

Then you can add whatever you want to type in or cut and paste the words from the websight into your document.

Not fancy! You'll have t-h-e screen you were looking at nuts, bolts, and url, too, but it works on a regular pc and it is pretty fast.


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