RECIPE: food with iron

SpencerApril 6, 2001

I just got a blood test back and I am seriously iron deficient. Does anyone have an recipies with lots of iron in them? I don't do dairy but do eat (free-range) eggs.

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raisins. eat lots of raisins. put them in stuff and eat out of hand. also the darker green veggies have more iron. hope this helps you.

also ladies' prenatal vitamins have tons of iron. you might consider this option.

good luck. danzer.

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Most dried fruits, dark green leafies - the pregnancy and infant forum has an Iron booster post that has a concoction that apparently works (go to either and type Iron in the search box), that doesn't promote constipation, it's mostly dried fruits with organic grape juice. Apparently taking your Iron rich foods with Vitamin C will aid in absorption.

Hope that helps.

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Nuts are also a great source of iron as are beans, darky leafy vegetables...

Do make sure to get plenty of Vitamin C with every meal...this can boost iron absorption!

Good news, According to an article in Vegetarian Times, your lower levels of iron may even cause your body to absorb even more...

Do not drink tea with your meals as this will not help your body absorb will prevent it. Tea is great between meals though.


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