Antique stove trash to treasure pics

gr82bgrammySeptember 1, 2007


I haven't posted on this forum before, but I've enjoyed lurking here! I love to reuse old items.

My latest project was this stove I found at an "antique (read JUNK) store. Everybody thought I was crazy, but DH agreed to help me give this new life for my farmhouse kitchen. It was cheaper than buying more cabinets and has way more character! I paid more for the paint and supplies than I did for the stove.

What do you think?

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That certainly qualifies for trash to treasure!! What a great job you did!!

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That can't be the same stove?!? You and DH did an amazing job on that! Did you use plain old Rustoleum, or is there a special paint for stoves? Just gorgeous, and I love the way you decorated it with the jars and little teapot. Looks just like the one I used to play with at Grandma's when I was little!

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Thanks for the compliments. Yes, it is the same stove! I was so pleased with the transformation - and the nay sayers even liked it when it was finished!

The little tea pot on the stovetop is actually an old grease pot. It has a little strainer (like a tea strainer) between the opening and the lid and "grease" is molded into the metal around the center. My grandma used to use one like this to strain bacon grease. I scrubbed so much grease off this stove during the cleaning process that it deserves my little greasepot sitting on it! What a job it was, but worth it!

I used Rustoleum flat black paint for the main part of the stove. Didn't bother with the heat resistant paint since I won't actually be cooking in it. However, I do sit hot pans directly on it and use it as a "buffet server" when we have family over. The hot pans haven't damaged the painted surface.

Anybody want to offer ideas of other ways to decorate this stove -- I'm open for suggestions. Our home was built about 1900 and we have a farmhouse kitchen. Right now, I think the stove looks a little sparse and lacks color. I really wanted to use my old glass canisters on top to hold flour, sugar and such, but it's too hard to get out since the opening is fairly small.


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oh, I'm soooooo envious..
I found one, exactly like it on the side of the road but DH refused to haul it was still there 3 weeks later and finally, I got him to load it up...with the help of a neighbor, who thought we were invading the house where it was

finally it was home and in the yard....but sadly, I had to leave it behind when I moved 35 miles south of the place.
the guy who hauled it home, (dh's boss) used it for a prop in their greenhouse.
I knew it was a great vintage find but couldn't convince him, till it was too late.
I miss that thing and really am glad for you that you went ahead and got it and dressed it up to what it should be.

maybe someday I can find another one intact, the same way mine was...including the tongs for grabbing hot pans.
it's been a couple of years now and I still wish I had it, to renovate.


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Oh, Becky, I'm sorry you weren't able to keep your stove. That's too bad! Maybe one day you'll be able to come across another one...or sweet talk your husband's boss into giving it back to you! I think I might be tempted to ask, if he hadn't put any work into it! Who knows, he might just say yes...if your husband would help haul it away!!

Take care,

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What a transformation!!! I wouldn't have believed it was the same stove either. You did a magnificent redo. Yes, this is a great example of "trash to treasure".

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Thats a fantastic transformation. IT screams for something red on it... Just my personal observation!

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One word: WOW!

That's just beautiful! (ok maybe more than 1 word. LOL!)

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Wildly envious! What sort of paint might you use should you want to actually cook on the stove?

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Thank you all so much for the kind remarks! This has been my first Christmas season to have the stove in my kitchen for our family gatherings. They all really liked it also. I used it as a dessert serving area and filled every inch with sweet treats, cakes, pies, candies, etc. as well as a stack of plates and forks. It worked out great!

Grammaticus, I believe Rustoleum is the manufacturer of the flat black stove spray paint for high heat surfaces. It should work well for you. It's the same paint that many use on their grills.

Wishing you all a happy New Year!

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What a great job you did on your stove, my daughter has one just like it in her dining room, I have one with the warmer at the top and I would never get rid of mine. I love old things and especially if you can fix it to look better, again a great job.

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Wow, how did you do that? I have what I think is a pie safe that looks just like the before pic. of your stove. I noticed you live in NC. How far from Wilmington NC are you? Maybe you could give my pie safe a good home.

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caminnc, I sent you an email. I would love to see a pic of your pie safe! I might be able to sweet talk my hubby into another project for this old house!

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Hi Grammy, I didn't get your email for some reason??? Like I said, I guess it is a pie safe. It's very small. Only about waist heigh, maybe 2ft.X 2ft. which is why I love it. It has a glass door with a shelf on the inside. It is made of the same stuff as your stove and in bad need or restoration. It was in my DH's family for years and years but stored under the house so it was exposed to elements for many years. At present it's buried my our garage. My DH was going to throw it out but I always thought it was so cute because of it's size. I looked online an I can't find anything that looks like it. I will take a picture of it for you but I have to borrow DD camera plus drag it out of the garage. I planned on restoring it someday but I know I never will because I don't know how. Plus I don't know that it would go in my house anyway. I will try to post pics. soon.

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caminnc, I just realized you didn't get the email because when you signed onto gardenweb, you didn't set it up with options to receive the emails from posters. I'll look forward to seeing pictures and will check back on this site. Thanks,

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I have two of those old stoves. one is beige with pink accents and the other is blue with creme accents. the blue is my favorite. i got both free. the first one my DH's employees mom was taking to the dump and the second one an old boss brought me. i love them!!! yours is gorgeous!! i havent painted mine. they are in pretty darn good shape.

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That is unbelievable. What a difference, from when you found it to the end product.
I sadly remember just this past summer when I bought a 1950's metal kitchen cabinet with glass. OH so cool......but it needed a tiny bit of work as it was rusted.................HOWEVER..........sweet DH, though it was hideous......and so it went to the Salvation Army :-(. I learned a lesson thought......whatever "junk" I find....and know I can change into a treasure........I will be doing the transformation before DH sees it. You are lucky that your DH was so helpful.

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Nice restoration job. Glad to see another Glascock Stove saved. Remember seeing this one sitting beside the road, glad it found a good home.

Anyone wanting information on cast iron products, made by Glascock in Greensboro NC, please contact me.

Glascock Stove Historian / Collector

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Oh Wow, I love your stove. What a great makeover. I'm sure it looked great at Christmas with all those deserts.

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I also LOVE your stove...what a great save you and your hubby did with it's revival! Jeanne S.

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I love your stove and what a wonderful restoration job - it is really amazing what can be done with a little bit of elbow grease. My dream is to one day find one and be able to do the same thing - not sure where I would put it but believe me I would make space. I'm sorry but todays sleek appliance look just doean't have the warm character that the older stuff does. That stove makes me want to walk over to it and warm my hands - thanks for sharing.....


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Great job! What kind of paint did you use for the cream/white part of the stove?

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I have about a dozen of those little pots...I've always thought they were tea pots...(some of them are stained on the inside like a tea stain.)

I had them hanging over my kitchen window.

I think we also have the same kitchen floor. It looks just like mine...mine is a lamanent and I love it.

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I just noticed what an old post this was...sorry I brought it back up...

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Very lovely, you must have patience for this hobby!

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How about some red print potholders and a colorful hot plate leaning against the large white space over the stovetop and also spray paint your kettle to black. Look for old salt and pepper shakers in red and make a little collection.

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OMG, I can't wait to find one. I have to pick my battles with my DH. He is 32,000+ days old and still doesn't know what is junk and NOT junk. If I find one, I will surely need to get my brother to pick it up for me. He will have to put it in his basement for me to work on (that's why God made brothers). I already have a spot for it in our dining room. But that means I will have to put my china cabinet in the room off the dining room. And, that means the DH's ugly "Man" desk will have to go upstairs in our bedroom (another reason God made brothers). I have the same veggie strainer and rack (have glasses in it now, but that will change) as you have and a few more oldies but goodies that are crying out for this stove to show off. Yes show off!!! How did you paint the door and leave the wording? I love the color just the way it is, and agree with a touch of red such as potholders, pepper shakers or whatever. Did you paint the inside? Do you use it for storage such as pots or pans?

Let the hunt begin. I will definitely post pictures--hopefully someday.

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog

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lpalta, I have the same problem. Where I see art DH sees junk. A few years ago I brought home some ice cream parlor chairs that he had forbidden me to take. I sneaked them home in the middle of the night and hid them in some bushes. A friends husband made new seats for them. I didn't dare ask DH to do it. Then I sneaked home a table to go with them. I still have them, painted, recovered and sitting under my pergola. I had to twist his arm to get him to tell me he really likes them.

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"I have the same problem. Where I see art DH sees junk."

Same here! I find all kinds of cool stuff on tree lawns. Once I spotted a Thomasville Armoire along the side of the road in a nicer neighborhood. Went up to the door and asked if it was ok to take it. The pregnant lady said 'sure' and called her husband to help me put it into my van.

Good thing he helped because I couldn't have done it alone, and it BARELY fit!

When I got home I asked DH if he would please help me get it into the house. He started the usual groaning about how I was bringing home yet 'more junk' until he got a good look at it up close.

He said 'I've needed something like this for my workout clothes, THIS will be PERFECT!!!'.

Sigh! It is his now. It really is remarkable what people toss. I've picked up stuff along the side of the road on my way to thrift stores just because I can't stand the thought of perfectly good furniture/stuff going to the landfill.

Happy lawnshopping everyone!

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How awesome is that!!

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That stove is AMAZING!!!! You did a FANTASTIC job!

And the beautiful! Free and recycling is cool! Good job!

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Fantastic job! Love, love, love it!


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