RECIPE: Durum Atta Flour (Indian Whole Wheat)

talkingflowerApril 4, 2002

Does anyone use durum atta flour, which is Indian whole wheat flour, and for what?

It has a very nice taste and texture and is used for parathas, a type of flat bread. It's generally found only at an Indian store.

I took a Indian cooking class recently. So, then I bought some of the flour, and so far it's worked well as a substitution for white flour in muffins. But, it's generally not used with baking powder, etc., so I can't find much info about it.

Does it substitute equally for white flour, in general?

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This article covers the different types of flours including the Atta Durum Flour. I make Indian Chapatis whenever I make a curry dinner and have always used use 2 parts whole wheat flour to one part white as recommended in Julie Sahni's Book "Classic Indian Cooking"


Here is a link that might be useful: Flours

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Thanks, Ann.

Just tonight I made an apple pie with hot-water pastry crust (Fannie Farmer, Eleventh Edition), but I used Durum Atta flour.

It held together in a ball to be chilled, but, wouldn't roll out. So, I crumbled it into the pie plate and pressed it in.

I made the top crust using regular white flour, since I'd have to roll it out.

The pie was delicious this way!

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talkingflower more post on this, for the record...

I made another pie crust but mixed the two flours equally, this time.

At least for this type of shortening pastry crust, I think it's preferrable to use all durum atta (for bottom crust) if using it at all, and crumble and press it. My second pie tasted fine but I had a difficult time with the crust.

I'll have to look for that Indian cookbook, though, and try the recipes with the blended flours.

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I bought a 20 lb. bag by mistake and didn't notice until I had it opened. I decided to go for it anyway and try some pastry. I used all butter in the crust, and didn't chill it. I added quite a bit of water, and it rolled fine, and tasted yummy. Not a problem to roll out at all, maybe by not chilling it that was the difference...

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Annie Deighnaugh

We made some muffins, scones and crackers and they came out good. Only thing is the flour absorbs a lot of liquid, so you need to add more liquid than the original recipe calls for in order to get it to roll properly. It also has a slightly different flavor from the regular whole wheat.

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