How to Break Plates to save a Pattern or Flower ?

bluestarrgalleryMay 31, 2008

I've never broken plates on purpose before. Lets suppose I have a flower or a certain part of a pattern in the middle of a plate I want to save as a whole, how would I go about breaking the plate to be sure the flower doesn't break in half in the middle of the plate?

Score the plate like you would to break stone? Use a tile cutting saw? A coping saw? Nip, nip, nip all the sides away?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Any hints on break plates would be greatly appreciated. What do you do with the curved part of the plates? Do you use them in the design even if it is flat and make up the difference with the thinset?

I got a few plates to try something, but I need to find something to adhere them to - I wish I could find a bowling ball. Maybe there will be a garage sale or two tomorrow I can find something at.

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Happy Craftn has a very good tutorial on how to cut plates. I assume you have the wheeled nippers mentioned in the tutorial. I use all parts of the plate, even the footers. There are several good tutorials on the net. Start w/this one and then Google "mosaics" to find others. The Joys of Shards is another great one for tutorials.

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slowmedown, thanks for the link for the tutorial, I'll be checking it out - wheeled nippers? um - I bought some nippers at the big box store, but I don't know if they are wheeled - I'll have to look.

I know I bought a book on mosaics last year - but I can't remember what I did with it. We have remodeled our whole house a room at a time over the last several years, and stuff has been moved from room to room so many times, everything got all mixed up - I'll have to look for it.

Thanks again.

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I was going to send you the same piece that "Slow" (Betty) sent. If you don't have Lipponit nippers, they're great. People have told me they're the best. I use them and have had a lot of luck with the information you get in that link.

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daisyme, I looked at the nippers I got at the big box store and they look like giant pliers with square heads. Perhaps I need something like that and some of those Lipponit nippers. From what I can read on that sight the Lipponit nippers look like they score the plate or am I reading the instructions incorrectly? - since they have a wheel? I may just order the lipponit from that site and see. the price sure sounds reasonable.

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Ms. Gardens, (smile) The wheels don't actually turn or score the plate, they just cause it to break cleanly across. The "wheels" can be turned when the surface dulls so you have a clean edge to cut with. I ordered through Smalti, and they were wonderful about comunications with me when I had questions. I really do recommend these nippers and that company. They cost about $25.00 and are well worth the price. Did you click on the lines to see how to clip out the pieces you wish?


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I liked that tutorial it was full of good info. I didnt know that i could use both sides of the wheel i assumed that when i got back to the starting point turning them they were toast. Good to know lil things like that!

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Shelley, I guess I need to read that tutorial again. I missed that you could turn the wheels over, so thanks for posting that. GREAT!

Ms. Gardens, it's a good idea to buy a second set of wheels when you order your nippers too!


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