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laurief_gwApril 4, 2002

Hello All,

Would someone please be so kind as to tell me the proper way to store both sun-dried tomatoes and dried mushrooms? Should they be placed in airtight containers in the fridge? On a pantry shelf? In a cool, dark, dry place? How long will they keep if properly stored?

I appreciate any help,


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I keep my sun-dried tomatoes in an air-tight container in my pantry,which is dark most of the time. They keep really well

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Although it is an extra investment, I have found that storing my dried foods in vacuum food bags does seem to help their longevity. I also store them in a dark cool pantry.

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I dried my own tomatoes until they're crisp. These last forever in jars. When I need them, I grind them up and use in sauces like paprika. Very rich flavor.

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