Second Mosaic Bowl - WIP

bluestarrgalleryMay 31, 2008

Here is my second mosaic bowl. I still have to grout it and I want to put another row of something at the top, perhaps some braided leather or something to set off the rim - any ideas? Then I was going to seal the whole bowl.

I cheated a little with this one. I was going use broken china plates for this mosaic, but when I was at one of the big box stores, I saw this stone mosaic tile already cut into a pattern for the right price, so I decided to use it and adapt it. I also added some other tiles and changed the pattern a little bit. I did have to take the tiles off the grid since the bowl is curved and a flat grid wouldn't fit into the bowl. Some of the tiles were almost impossible to get off the grid. I didn't have enough china to do the bowl anyway and I want to get the two bowls done before a show next week and the week after, so I decided to do this bowl in the stone tile and try the china on something else.

Oh darn, I see two white tiles together at the lower left - I didn't notice that before - too late to change I suppose, I'll see if I can reverse the order of one of them tomorrow.

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That is AWESOME! very cool.

You might want to check because I think you need to seal them before grouting

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Oh my goodness!!!
This is a wonderful bowl! I love the stone tiles!
Will have to scout for a good deal on those sometime.
Man! I just keep looking back at it!!!
LOVE the earthy tones!!!

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Oh, WOW - what a beautiful design!!! Beautiful job of mosaicing. I wouldn't have noticed the two whites together had you not pointed them out. I've used those tiles in making the frame for my DGD's watercolor, and IF you don't want them to look aged, then by all means seal b/f grouting. They're very pourous. I knew that, and left them unsealed to get an aged effect. Beautiful bowl - great mosaicing job.

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That is beautiful!! After stuggling with doing the rim on a bowl with beads, I wouldn't do it again. I think it looks good as is

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Oooo, pretty!! Great job! What a wonderful idea to put in a bowl!! I'm with SHRTY, I'd leave the rim as is. Looking foward to seeing it grouted.

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Beautiful beautiful bowl.

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nicethyme and slowmedown, I think you are both right I should seal the stone before grouting. I happen to have some of that sealer that I used for our slate living room floor, so I can probably use that.

Thanks to all of you for the compliments on my bowl.

If you look real close you can see one side of the mosaic comes up a little higher on the side than the other - the right is higher than the left. So I was hoping to hide that flaw with something - I'll have to think about it. I wish I had enough of the dark little stones to go around again, but I don't have - and I don't want to spend the money to get another tile just for tha. I might have enough of the little white stone tiles but probably not those either. I am sure I will come up with some sort of idea

Shrty411 - do you have a photo of the beads you put on the bowl you did? I would love to see how they looks?

Should I paint the outside of the bowl? What does one do with the outside of mosaic bowls?

Thanks again.

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Personally, I would not try to even up the sides...I did not notice it til you said something and adding something to one side and not the other will call attention to it, IMHO.

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Lovely work on this tone on tone mosaic.

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I love it Springville!! Very nice job, and I love that tile. Just look at all of those perfect cuts. Wow.. I wouldn't try to "even" it up , just leave as is, like the others say.

How big is this bowl??

You did fantastic, can't wait to see your other work

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mermaid4life, thank you but I can't take credit for all those perfect cuts, those tiles were purchased like that from a big box store - already cut for a backsplash or a floor medallion - I think the medallion cost me $9.

The bowl is 15 inches in diameter and 3.6 inches tall, big, round, and wide.

I bought two of these ceramic bowls at the Salvation Army last year for $5.00 thinking I would glaze them, but then realizing I didn't know that type of clay they were I couldn't risk putting them in a kiln for fear they would melt. So I sealed them and finally got around to mosaicing them this past week or so.

Keep in mind I have never done any mosaic so I was looking for something easy and simple - so I wouldn't get discouraged with my first couple of projects. No cuts involved, just arranging the tiles or gems (as in the other bowl) and then grouting them. The stone tiles in the middle are 1/4 inch and the ones up the side are 1/2 inch stone tiles except the top (black ones) are 1/4 inch again.

I bought antique white sanded grout, but the seams are so small I may get some unsanded grout for the stone bowl and use the sanded grout for the turquoise gem bowl.

As I am looking at the two bowls now, I wish I would have had the forethought to drill a hole in the center of each bowl, to make them usable for top mounted vanity sinks - they would be perfect for that. that is if they were sealed somehow. Perhaps next time.

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I love the colors it would go great in my living room

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It's very beautiful ! It would go well in MY house too!

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Thanks meadel and shellybelly26, it kind of looks like an old Italian sink or something - we'll see how it looks after I grout it - that will be this week sometime.

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Another beautiful bowl! And when you noticed the two white tiles, well, many famous artists do that on purpose saying that only God does perfect work. Yours is so close to perfect, well, it's just beautiful.

Jennie here finished one of her pieces with some little BBs inside the rim. It looked beautiful, and I hope to try it myself.

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BEAUTIFUL!!! Good job! Got more pics???

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daisyme, I wonder where I could see a photo of Jennie's bowl. BBs - that sounds like a wonderful idea - I think I have even seen copper BBs. I'll do a search under her name - is that the name she uses for her posts?

calamity, no photos yet, I am having to harvest my lavender right now, but I am putting on the sealer today - still hoping to get it done before a show this Saturday -

does anyone know how to put more hours in the day?

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