The scrap box (get out your tissues!)

bruggirl100September 25, 2005

When my best friend's mother died, we spent weeks cleaning out all her clutter, especially in her sewing room. She was a seamstress by trade, and had made most of their clothes when they were young, including their wedding gowns and the bridesmaids' dresses) One day we found a large box marked "keepsakes". When we opened it, we found a square of cloth from every thing she had made for her kids. They were all wrapped in tissue and put into plastic bags and all had little tags pinned on them, and went back to 1948, when my friend's sister was born. The oldest one was a square of white cotton used to make her sister's christening gown. There were scraps tagged "Kelly's first day of school", "Susan's first easter", it went on and on. The latest was "Quilt for Adam" (Kelly's son, and her last grandchild. She made each grandchild a quilt). That was the last thing she made, because her arthritis got too bad for her to sew anymore.

We all sat crying as we pulled out scrap after scrap of memories. There were some for me, one for my bridesmaid's dress, and one from a skirt she had made for me to wear to a school party, a purse she had made me out of my old jeans, an easter dress she made me when I was 10 and my parents were having hard times. I was the only non-family member in the box, and that day, I realized that she had considered me her child too. All the times I had called her Mother and she had called me Daughter, and I had just thought it was words to her.

I have those scraps framed with a picture of my "Other Mother", my best friend and myself taken when we were 12 years old. My friend and her sister split up their scraps, and framed some with pictures of their mom, and the others, they still keep.

Sometimes, trash really is a treasure.

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What a great story. And yes, I need a tissue. What a special mother she was. Those are the most precious treasures indeed. And how wonder for you to be part of that family. Friends are a great treasure also.

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Another tissue please. OMG how wonderful. Love in the hands and hearts of some people goes so far and so long.
More tissue. Joyous tears!

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Oh. My. . . . . that IS a wonderful heart warming story.

You are lucky to have people like that in your life and even wealthier to appreciate them as you so obviously do.

Bless you and your "other" family.

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Read techsupport's post and put "Ya Ya" in front of it. That post expressed my feelings exactly.

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What a great thing!!! It would make a perfect table top book!!

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This is such a sweet story. She was a good and careing lady. Sometimes at funeral you hear things about the deceased you wish you had known before they died. This would sure be in that catagory for me. We southerns have a saying for times like this, "bless her heart". Appropriate, don't you think?

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LOL! "Bless her heart" is appropriate here.

It is also appropriate when you are being catty, i.e. "Bless her heart, she just can't seem to keep those children under control!"

Southern women can say the meanest things with the sweetest smiles on their faces! I should know, I am one. ;o)

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Oh that is so very special. I am about to cry with you all.
What a wonderful way to preserve their history.


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Very very cool indeed. You ARE lucky to have such people in your life!

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Beautiful story.

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What a wonderful sweet story! Got to go get a tissue, im a blubbering mess!

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