Recycled Wine Box into Doggy Diner Set

mango-princessSeptember 28, 2006

I took a couple of wine boxes, turned them upside down and came up with an idea! I gave my dad (a woodworker), a small stainless doggy bowl to use for measuring. He cut 2 holes on top of a wood wine box to make the diner. (Actually you have to turn the box upside down and the bottom becomes the top). He then purchased molding for a divider on the top, and the bottom, painted it, and my standard dachshund now has a double diner to hold water and food. My other mini doxie has a red one. Both dogs identify with the colors and know their diner dishes!

Keep in mind that if your pooch is very small as is my mini doxie, the diner box has to be appropriate height. In the case of my mini doxie, the box is 3" off of the ground.


Here is a link that might be useful: Doggy Diner

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love it.
funny we use the same bowls for small terrier.
I did,nt show her the pic she would get jealous.
I finally got smart and use a entrance mat/rug under them to catch the mess.
thanks for the pic. Rick

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LOL,,,I have a mat too. These poochies sure can make a mess when they are eating. MP

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I saw this concept once and they used old chairs, cut down to appropriate heights and the bowl sat in the opening cut in the seat. Really cute, but might work better with larger dog.

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Real ingenious idea. I always wanted a doxie, my kitty would freak out though. I actually found a wooden dog/kitty feeding diner thingy and put the cat dishes in it and the cat thinks it's an insult or something, refuses to eat out of the bowl if it's in there. LOL. He is so finicky the little brat will actually sit and wait in front of the food dish (on a welcome mat of course) for me to walk over there, bend down and grab some dry food and put it on the floor in front of him. What a snob huh!!!


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