Swan on window

emtnestMay 2, 2010

Here is a swan on the window.

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OHMYGOODNESS, EMT: Another beautiful project. I LOVE the way you've placed it over the background images. It looks like a little pond in the forest. The glass you used for the water here and on the Golden Gate is perfect. Also - do I see some frosted, textured glass for the background? I think I have some of that on the garage floor where I dropped some from the bathroom reno. What kind are these two glasses, and where did you get them? LOVE IT.

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Slow thank you...glass was from some old windows. My ex had an antique store,closed it and gave/gifted me with a ton of stained glass from a church, other glass he got from a glass shop and about 50-60 of the old windows...I am blessed...we share 3 kids and the grands...and we get along great.

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HEY! I'm thinking of doing a peacock too!!! Love all this yummy old glass you get to use!!!

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Me thinks my bluebird was inspired by this lovely swan!!!

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