Glastar Glass Stripper & Circle Cutter Video

cacbearyMay 9, 2007

Calamity ~ There are 2 videos on this page. The first is cutting strips & diamonds. The 2nd video is cutting circles.

My teacher is very old school. He doesn't like ring saws, Morton cutting system, etc. He is funny. I was getting the Morton but this seems simple enough & a whole lot cheaper - my boys bought me this for mother's day & the board. I really like the board with the groove in it to slide it. One student is a cabinet maker & sells them.

The videos take about 3 1/2 minutes to download on a DSL line. You can click on both links to download while reading the forum & will come up on separate pages so you have nothing to lose.

Tonight we copper-foiled. Next week we're soldering. Everything is made in clear glass. Then the next 4 weeks we will work in stained glass. Yahoo! Boy am I glad - the mistakes I made.

Next week he will do the groziers for me to post. He loved me filming him, LOL!

Here is a link that might be useful: Glastar Stripper

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I will put the videos in Flash & see if it loads any faster tomorrow.

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It loaded easily and quickly for me (on a cable modem) and was nice to watch.


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OH MY!!!! HOW COOL!!! I have high speed internet and it was instant and very neat to watch!! My local stained glass gals are totally old school too! They told me to buy a kiln instead of a saw!!! I made my board like that, hmmm where is it?! He makes it look so easy!lol! I just seem to move the glass some how! If I'm using a ruler, I move the ruler some how!! Even if it is a T ruler!!!! I'm so hopeless! I just can't seem to wanna spend time practicing! WOW! Your teacher sounds really nice, and thorough! To teach you with clear glass and taking all these weeks! I went to a 4 wknd course and barely learned the fundimentals!!! So what is your copperfoil project looking like? I love the copper foil method, haven't done the leaded glass as of yet, 7rs!lol! Bought all the stuff and haven't gotten there yet! If you are like me, before long you will have 1/2doz window projects in mind, a bunch of lampshades ya wanna do...the list is endless!!ha! Just don't loose momentum on a project!!! My peacock panel is STILL not done and it's been like, 5yrs!!! Oh my! That's insane when I type it out loud!!! I can feel the excitement you are generating as you share this adventure with all of us and it inspires me!!!! Thanks for including all of us! It is wonderful!!! Jane

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It's an 8 week course for $65.00

Week 1 - Learn to cut glass
Week 2 - Learn to cut a pattern, glass, & the grinder
Week 3 - Foil
Week 4 - Lead soldering
Week 5 - Will make the project using stained glass. His thing is clear glass is easier to cut. Our first project will be so bad we will want to pitch it out. He said to hold onto it & watch how we improve with practice. We're all making these fan lights. Mine is a rose. Wasn't much to pick from. And the outside will be lead.

We can go anytime to grind our pieces. My nursery guy hasn't put my sand-cast leaves out to sell yet - he's holding off for Mother's Day Weekend. They could have been sold already & I would have my own grinder. I'm so impatient - I want it NOW! I sure hope they sell this weekend. I still have 5 more leaves to paint up.

What's really cool is after this he has other classes & you just pay $6 a class & everyone is at different levels. My aunt & I are going back for some other classes in the fall for a night out. There is this clock I want to make soooo bad but I have to get better to make that. That's my goal.

I'm glad it loaded up faster for you - I did this last night with the virus scan going on at the same time, LOL!

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8wks for $65!!! I paid double that!!! 7yrs ago!!! For 4 classes!!! So I'm basically self taught and would probably benifit from taking a better course and try to undo all the bad habits I learned!!! I have always wanted to do an "Intensive Course" at Aanraku Studio and might still try to save some moola to do so!

Here is a link that might be useful: Aanraku

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Calamity - You give yourself far too little credit. Your work is great. There is only 4 of us in our class & the 2 guys all have experience with stained glass before. They said they are coming to learn better habits.

As for your board for the stripper I've attached a pic of mine. There is a thin strip along the side that your piece of glass rests on so it don't slip. I guess the groove is there to help you stay straight. The guy who makes these is a cabinet maker - nice wood. It was $25 but I have such a big honey-do list for DH & I could get it now, so that's what I asked for Mother's Day!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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OK, what am I doing wrong????? The clips load pretty quick, but after the first 3-4 words both picture and words are all herky-jerky and I can only catch part of every other word or so. We've got dsl and I can usually view film clips, so maybe I'm doing something to make this happen???


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So THAT's how to cut diamonds ! ( I like that guy - he doesn't measure ~ LOL )

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Curb- can't help you. I can watch it on my newer laptop, but not on my older desktop. Both hooked up to the same internet and both running XP

cacbeary- thanks so much for posting the clips!!


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Interesting about the viewing problems. Next week he's going to do a grozier lesson for me. You'll see inside & outside curves & how the glass flies with that tool. He is really good at it. Did you notice when he held the pieces up when he was finished he put them up by his face? He just LOVES the attention. My DH said I am such a suck up. LOL!

Anyhoo I did a shareware to make the Quicktime. I could have saved it 2 ways. Next time I will save it the other way. I can only use it 20 times & I have to buy it so I'll do them another way next time I make this. My camera makes AVI files & I change them over to MPEG files. Next time I'll make them WMV movies. I've made these files before but i forget how I did it. I know I have the software but couldn't find it when I was making it. My camera is 3 years old & just found out last year I could make mini movies & it has a microphone built in.

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