Looking for suggestions...(pics)

nodakgalSeptember 11, 2006

These belonged to my Uncle, I bought at a garage sale.

The green mirror I can hang somewhere in my house, either as is or repaint.

Any suggestions for the metal pans or the frame that used to have a mirror in it?

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The only suggestion I have it to send ME(LOL) the enamel ware. I collect it, spatter type, plain type, I have a bunch! It's making my mouth water just looking at it.

I have a picture frame sinply hung on the wall at the moment. It's very old, pulled out of the trash, and awaiting some "fixin" because someone painted a chicken mess brown over a pretty gilt frame. The original price of the frame was $2.50. Decorators sometimes hang just empty frames, so I thought, why not, and it looks good.

Also love the green paint on the mirror.
Great haul you have there.

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I agree send it to me.
never saw the orange stuff before I kinda went all out country in my kitchen and painted my cupboards to look like blue spatter enamel ware so since then I look for pcs like these.
and now I want some pcs like yours to make one of those 3 tiered hanging "baskets" only using the pans lg. on the bottom
med ,middle, then small on top .
or same idea with collanders.
I also had the thought once to use a big pan for a shelf for knick nacks in the kitchen by just plcing on the wall and using ??? for a cross shef or two .
I drilled some enamel ware cups and spoons once using a metal bit without chipping it to bad by placing tape around the hole on both sides and using fingernail polish to touch up the edges.
maybe turned over for a hanging light??
don,t know what you,re decor is or if these are pcs with memories from his house ?
use one for a frame for a mirror?
the big flat ones are really nice for what they were intended for and I would like one for picking tomatoes and canning.
the frame clean it and get or make the matting and use for family photos.
all the enamel ware just stacked up would look pretty good
by itself. hmmmmm??? Rick

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I've got a enamelware chamber pot that I've been using as a water dish for the dogs up in the bathroom.
I've used other pieces of enamelware as art objects hung on the wall of the bathroom in our cottage....by hanging them from the holes that are often already in the rims it makes them useable for all sorts of things...like serving watermelon in the summer or soaking a sprain ankle or as ice buckets for salads..ya put the ice in the enamelware and then another bowl on top, makes it so you can keep the food fresher longer when it's setting out.

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Hmmmmmm I had a lightbulb moment at a store today...I saw chalkboard spray paint and remembered seeing something done as a message center....If the paint works well I think that would be cute, if not I may try to find this frost paint that Lydia recommended and some stick on letters to do a quote or saying on a peice of glass in the cream colored frame and the the frost paint....I wish I had 2 of these cause then I could do both the message center and the words! LOL
Lydia also had a good idea on a fountain, which I may try next spring with her instructions.
But I like Ricks idea too of a hanging basket! Arrrrgh guess I should go look for more! :)
Oh yes, Marg, I had no clue but today I took the stack of pans apart and was very pleased to see one of the pans is blue splattered looking on the outside of it! I thought those two were black and white! LOL

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I have used the chalkboard paint. It works fairly well. Just make sure that the surface you are using it on is very, very smooth. I used it on a piece of ply wood for a chalkboard for the kids. Worked okay but kinda hard to clean because it isn't smooth enough.

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It seems if I want to do this soon its going to have to be the chalkboard message center then....that is all I can find in my little town. I will get a peice of that thin smooth stuff my GF's DH uses to back pie safes and shelves he makes...it should be good for a chalkboard.
I may try one more store in town for the frost spray paint, but I bet I'd have to drive 120 miles to find stick on letters.

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Whatever you do, USE your enamelware. For example, a heap of potato salad, or green salad would look beautiful in the red bowl, particularly at a BBQ, or outdoor picic.

I use all of mine: Picking the garden, washing the floor, soaking ankles, etc. The blue spatter ones which are "cobbler pans", I use for that purpose, making cobblers. They're identical to the ones my Mamaw had, and she was a super cobbler maker. Several of mine are small basins, one came out of a school lab, and is antique. They could be drilled, and the hanging vegetable holder made from them. I have another with holes in the rim which I've turned into a hanging basket planter.

I keep most of my round ones simply piled in a huge old antique wicker basket, and it sits on the bottom shelf of a table I "created" out of an old potting table. I tiled the table top, and painted it dark sage. The ones I use for cooking are hanging in various spots in my kitchen. The red stock pot, bought for $1.00 at a garage sale, still is very useful for cooking pinto beans, soups, stews, and greens.

If you're a canner, pickler, gardener, they're invaluable. I've seen women use the big dish pan sized one to sterilize jars in for canning and pickling. They simply put a white cloth in the bottom, added jars upside down, water (cold), put it on the stove and boil (gently), then your sterilized jars are at your fingertips.

They also look pretty just sitting on the cabinet full of tomatoes, onions, any kind of produce.

I also have a baby chamber pot, no lid, blue spatterware which I often pop a pot plant in it, and set it on the table as a centerpiece. THAT makes for conversation. I did sterilize it! They look pretty with mums, lots of those "instant flowers" you can get at the nursery, or Lowe's.

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I found stick on letters at the newspaper office!
Got the frost spray paint too!
I am off and running!
Once I sit down and figure it all out that is!
Thanks guys!

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I have alot of enamel pans.....great to serve popcorn in when the grandkids come....also I have made bird feeders out of them....just nail to the top of a solid pole....take a nail and put small holes so water can drain...in bottom put screen wire so feed will not go thur.

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