recycling at dump

danaohSeptember 8, 2005

I e-mailed our garbage collection people, seems that in Ohio it is illegal to "shop" at the dump. What a waste! Guess we need to try harder to get it off the curb before it gets to the dump.

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likely some safety and health issues involved

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I am in Ohio too and I was told the same thing!! Sucks doesn't it!! Unless you know someone who works will have no luck at all getting anything out of the dump. I did get a plant stand that matched one I already have from the recycling center. We went to scrap out iron and metal and he told me to just take it that it was still in excellent condition and that it needed to be used still then just thrown out. So I will paint it to match my other one. Now curb crawling in my area is HUGE. So you have to get out really early in the day or night before trash day to get anything good...or go really early the day of trash pick up to get a thing at all. I have a friend who goes curb crawling alot and gets awesome things and she always thinks of me first and has gotten me some really nice stuff...God bless her!! Hope you do good at curb crawling!!

God Bless,

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Our town dump has a swap shop. People can leave useful items that they want to get rid of, and any one can come along & pick up whatever they like. often something goes from one vehicle to another in seconds. Small items are left on shelves inside & furniture & larger items outside. Children's toys, bikes, all kinds of stuff. No books because there is a separte building for them. In our area several towns have swap shops at the dump. it cuts down on landfill, and is great recycling. Maybe you could contact your public works dept. or whatever about this idea.

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Our dump will not let you take stuff, because the huge machines are turning it under minutes after it comes off your truck. The metal is in another area, and no one is ever around, so you could take something from there, and the garden waist is ground up to mulch and given back out for free, and we have found good bushes and trees and cool pieces of wood or stumps dumped there and taken them.

We have a group of ladies from the Isaac Walton League who started a re-use barn to keep usful objects out of the land fill, they have a huge building, two smaller buildings and a barn of stuff. They have been there 8 years and now people just take stuff to them, like a TS. They open most Sat. until winter sets in. The county lets them do this and the money goes to local causes. I've gotten some good bargins there.

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