trying to envision what they wanted lol

mojojojogrlnjSeptember 26, 2007

okay i was given an old none working singer sewing machine to turn into something....but i have no ideas coming at me....I did see one turned into a light but have no clue how to do this anyone have any pics or ideas for anything i can do....(only the machine no cabinet)

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Humm, do you have a picture? The light/lamp sounds really neat. Without seeing what you have, I wouldn't know how to suggest a way of turning it in to a light. But, I'm thinking that maybe some place on the top part there might be an existing hole where you could run your electrical hardware. You could attach the machine on a wooden base maybe?
The shop where I purchased my machine, has theirs displayed all along the walls on shelves. Looks great and is fun to see all the antiques.

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Some of those old Singers are just beautiful ! I Can see it as a beautiful centerpiece in a grouping of houseplants.
-- Among the the houseplants are "sewing themed" doo dads . Buttons glued on pots , ribbons ,knitting needles - you get the idea.

I Have seen the lights made from a sewing machine - I googled all over and couldn't find a pic . sorry . If I find a pic - I'l post it.

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Hi, I found a pic of this sewing machine lamp. At first glance, it looks like the machine is part of the table, but is a portable machine. Can't tell if the lamp is through the machine or behind it. The lamp could be attached to a board that would be a lamp base. The sewing machine could be attached or just sitting on the board. An old lamp could be used for this. A hole can be drilled into an existing hole on top of the machine. It could then be wired for a lamp. You could attach it to a base of some sort or not. Hope that helps, Linda

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My eyes hurt looking at that. Its a White treadle. You can see the White Sewing Machine Co. name in the base right above the treadle. The unit is just missing it's matching dust cover. The lamp is sitting on it for some reason. You can see one of the lamp's feet under the machine. It does not look practical to have a lamp on a sewing machine as it would get in the way when using it.

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Hi Bud, I think mojo girl's machine is no longer running, so guessing she won't be sewing on it much. It looks like she wants to turn it into something, maybe a boat anchor, lol. I've had a few that would have been boat anchors if I just owned a boat. Anyway, another idea I have is to find the path of least resistance on the machine and drill all the way through, top to bottom and mount it on a pole, kind of like a carousel horse. It could be set up like a carousel horse, or a lamp could be made out of it. I love sewing and sewing stuff and have lots of it. Linda

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That's the picture I was searching for ! Thanks for finding it.

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